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DXN Code Strike is running on the tagline, ‘Unleash your inner beast’ which claims to be a testosterone booster product. While surfing the internet, every now and then, I come across various products as DXN Code Strike. So, I test my ability to write content for them. So, here we go.

For men who are dissatisfied with their sexual performances or have a low physical bearing, the company claims ‘DXN Code Strike’ to aggravate those hormones and improve their performance. The natural formula which boasts to be working on three aspects- size, resistance, and satisfaction sounds no more than a sham. If you are thinking of buying this product, it is not too late to reconsider.

1. Company Funding the Product

DXN Code Strike does not publicly name the company behind this product which increases the suspicion automatically. The product isn’t available in any retail shop which hints at the authenticity of the results it claims. It can be ordered online from their website.

2. Claims

The boastful claims of the company speak of

  • Improving hormone production
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Making sex drive greater and full of pleasure
  • Improving strength
  • Longer erection

3. Ingredients

Taking a look at the ingredients used, this product is made using T365 Complex. The ingredient does not provide any search result on the internet which means there is no proof of what this ingredient is and how does it work. Some other listed ingredients include Ginko Biloba, Saw Palmetto, and Tribulus-Terrestris. No matter how impressive they sound, they have no links to sexual or muscular gains whatsoever.

4. How does DXN Code Strike Work?

The website specifies the minimum dosage per day to be two pills which can be taken after breakfast or wet. The maximum, however, should not increase six pills per day. Two pills a day hold approximately 1400 mg of branded flux and 24mg of metal. The company explains that this product has ingredients that ensure rapid absorption that is the ingredients will reach the bloodstream and increase sexual potency which sounds more like science gone wrong.

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5. Pros:

  • Sexual energy booster
  • Can be purchased online
  • Can gain muscle mass
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Give you a time full of pleasure

6. Cons:

  • No guarantee whether it will work
  • No reliability or tracking system
  • Not sure whether the product will arrive or not
  • Company information not provided, can be fake
  • Ingredients not strong enough to prove the results it claims

7. Results

The results are simply the claims the company is making. Such a product doesn’t make an impression on improving sexual performance and muscle mass at the same time. The results sound like an open statement which is vaguer than of value.

8. Where to Buy From?

To buy this product, you’ll have to visit their official website. The product isn’t available on any medical pages or online health pharmacies too. It is available only online. You’ll have to register yourself by filling up a form and order the product online itself. You can call their toll-free number given on their website for more details.

9. Is it a Scam?

This product is giving all possible qualms of being a scam. Firstly, not being available locally and even online on trusted health pages, leaves us in an air of doubt. Secondly, its ingredients and vague open results cannot be 100% trusted. No matter how fantastic it might seem on visiting the website, the authenticity is way too low.

10. Side Effects

  • Not for children below 18 years
  • Never exceed the regular dosage
  • Might leave you tired and full of fatigue
  • Not doing exercise can provide ill effects
  • Might fall ill on exceeded dosage

Due to the lack of information and low authenticity of the company, ingredients, and service, this product shouldn’t be a way to experiment with yourself. The open-ended claims are nothing but boastful and there are no product reviews of users available. So if you want to turn around and still experiment, do not forget to drop your comments below. And yes, we wish you luck!

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32 thoughts on “10 Things To Know All About DXN Code Strike

  1. I have received a bottle of dxn code strike
    But not yet tried as i train to keep my body in shape
    I want to get more ripped so i thought this product
    Would help with muscle mass
    Im 44yr & want to get bigger as im small for
    My age can you help ? Is this product ok ?

    1. Dear Simon, thanks for writing in. When it comes to any muscle-gaining product, especially the ones like DXN, it is important that you have a proper diet plan and routined exercise. To be very frank, we cannot guarantee that this product will change you completely, however, it can be a good supplement. All the very best!

  2. i am using this product from the last two weeks and i even did not feel anything new, even it reduced my sex stimna. I dont know when and how it will be effective??

  3. Sorry to say this I bought this product with 90 days money back guarantee. When did not get any results I returned to product as requested by the company. Its been 4 months and after continuous emailing I have not revived my money back. For me its a scam.

  4. After reading your page I am in two minds should I use this product or not kindly guide as I have already purchased it

  5. I used this product for 3 month without any result, for me it didnt worked, i workout everydqy strongly, sorry but my body mass is exactly the same,

    1. To be very frank, neither have I ever used this product myself nor I am recommending it to anyone. And, as you must’ve read in the blog, I’m not pretty sure if this is even a legitimate product. So, all the very best!!

  6. Why is their website still operating. They are professional scammers. The whole world should hear this. They advertised drugs for sexual stamina and to boost penis erection 3 bottles for $24 and they withdrew $250 from my card without my permission even after involcing.

    The whole word should hear this. There is no contact address, no contact phone number, no country of origin. The keep on defrauding people of their money.

    They advertised one price and sell another. They
    advertised for one quantity and sell another. They are just scammers. The whole world should hear this. The FBI should close down their website. It is scam.

  7. I want to buy it? can it official website? becoz my friend gets from this page. i also want this pills Dxn code strike

  8. I placed my order at the beginning of the month and up to now i havent received the product

  9. I have 14 bottles of this product I’m using it every day as I should it’s almost a year now no changes only to find that it lowered my sex drive I’m very disappointed I believed their advert and I ordered so many, two bottles finished already but no results y do they advertise this useless product I regret buying this

  10. I have 14 bottles of this product I’m using it every day as I should it’s almost a year now no changes only to find that it lowered my sex drive I’m very disappointed I believed their advert and I ordered so many, two bottles finished already but no results y do they advertise this useless product I regret buying this

    If it was not far from me I could have returned them I still wish to return them and get my money back I wasted a lot of money now I’m stressed

    1. I wish to claim back my money if sellers or ownership see this messages be advised that ur product is not working pls I want my money back please reply as soon as posible

  11. Hallo I made my payment for Alpha testo enlargement two months ago I stay in Botswana
    Up to now nothing has been delivered they told me about my refund upto now nothing please I need my refund

  12. I just received my order after 3 months, I have been sending mail after mail to cancel it Since it didn’t arrive as promised after 30 days (out side of US).
    They didn’t care about my mails, it is all a scam and I am very angry that such a product and seller is allowed to continue ripping people off. I would have gone to court if I was in the US.
    Don’t buy their products….they are scam…

  13. I ordered five bottles in May last year,2019 and got my Oder delivered to me in Nigeria. I used it and it worked for me.

  14. I am sure for one thing these products are produced via
    India or Malaysia they are for selling globally.
    They have a small cost and a big profit margin
    which goes up to the pyramid .
    Excellent business opportunity for the owners
    of the company .

  15. Hi there, I also bought both DXN and Alpha testo it’s almost one year now and nothing has changed. I followed there advertisement where they indicated that it works for both enlargement and sex boost, but nothing and nothing has changed to me.
    I have wasted money for nothing.

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