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A brand is not a single unit but an amalgamation of several tangents such as advertising, promotion, sales, press releases, revenues and more that form the brand. Consequently, to develop, maintain and enhance a brand image, it is essential that each and every tangent exhibits the brand philosophy and works towards achieving the brand vision. Press release writing services ensure that each and every document you publish achieves the desired impact set for it. Whether this impact is positive or negative depends on the content of this release. Therefore, a press release is an essential tangent to maintain a coherent brand image and cordial customer relations.

Our digital press release writing services ensure target behavior achievement as we back our press release services experts with extensive research data and intensive analysis. Our services include but are not restricted to SEO content writing, content strategy, content marketing, content training and development, and many more. In order to ensure the unparalleled quality of content across all our verticals, our press release writers, press release editors, and research and analysis wing along with Quality experts curate and create content backed by facts and figures instead of just intuition.

Types of Press Release Writing

While a press release can be developed to cater to several varying objectives, it can be broadly categorized in the following six categories:

  • General News

This category is what most press-releases fall into. This press release is executed when a brand or entity wants to share something newsworthy with the relevant target market. Examples include a BFSI client offering IPO, a property owner celebrating the completion of a certain property and more.

  • Launch Release

This category name is self-explanatory. If there is a product or service launch associated with a brand, a digital press release is published in order to notify the associated target audience about the launch and relevant details. For example, Mondelez launching Dairy Milk Silk.

  • Event Press Release

An event press release, as the name suggests, is to announce the details pertaining to an upcoming event in relation to a brand or individual entity. This release tends to be somewhat different as it has to be addressed only to the relevant individuals or entities that will attend or cover the event. Digital event press releases include the specifics of the event such as purpose, time, venue, dress code and more.

  • Employer Press Release

This category generally applies to large companies when there is an internal restructuring, new hire or change in team hierarchy. This is purely to notify the market of the change and not to promote any sale in any way.

  • Expert Position Press Release

This type of press release is executed with the aim of positioning a person or a company as a media contact for the future point of contact for company-related queries. It is meant to establish an individual’s or brand’s credibility in a particular field.

At Content Raj, our Press Releases form an essential basis of your content marketing strategy. They not only strengthen your brand voice but also enrich your off-page content strategy. With quality do-follow backlinks from high-grade PR (Page Rank) social bookmarking websites, our Press Release writing serves its all-around purpose, thereby contributing to your enhanced Domain authority. Consequently, being one of our multi-specialty objectives, we develop your Press note abiding by all the Do’s and Don’ts of this practice.

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Press Release Writing

While press release writing may be for a variety of reasons and may cater to a wide TG, certain rules will always apply! Here is an overview of the do’s and don’ts that Content Raj follows while providing you with our press release writing services.

Do’s Don’t’s
Always write keeping the target audience in mind. Never complicate unnecessarily with the use of jargons and/or lingo.
Always write in a manner that encourages the execution of the desired behaviour from the target audience. Don’t forget to proofread and check for inclusion of necessary details such as contact info, brand logo and more.
Segregate the content into relevant headings and sub-headings for an easy read. Avoid using hyped-up language as that has its place in advertising but not in a formal press release.
Ensure grammatical accuracy, brevity, and coherence. Don’t repeat information or share outdated information.

Use of Press Release Writing

Credibility is an aspect that press release writing services emphasize and strive on as it enables us to gain and develop the confidence of our customers. We aim to emphasize credibility to reflect in our press release services by providing thoroughly researched, well-crafted and enticing press releases that will:

  • Entice the relevant user base
  • Achieve the aim that was set for the press release
  • Be coherent with and enhance your existing brand image
  • Maximize your Public Relation resources

Our quality driven press releases crafted by well-read, intuitive and creative press release writers and content development team. We ensure that your press release not only meets the uses you set out for it but also that you get to experience consequential quality traffic on your website, high visibility on news portals across the web, and a higher ranking on the search engines.

Why opt for our Press Release Writing Services?

If the above-mentioned information does not portray our expertise in press release writing services, we have more to steer you in our direction! Our content services are backed with data, insight, and creativity. More importantly, they are backed by our team of highly-trained press release writing experts.

Living and breathing the phrase “quality over quantity”, we, at Content Raj ensure that irrespective of your nature of work and requirement, we will ensure that our team of content writing experts work thoroughly to deliver the press release that you require. Don’t take us on our word, contact us now via call, email, or just send your entries using our Contact form, and get a no-obligation quote today. Try our press release writing services or any other content development by our content marketing team, and we’ll be waiting to accept your beaming testimonial shortly after!