Copyediting Services


A general term often used along with proofreading, line editing, and copywriting, a copyediting service takes a raw article and makes it ready to be published in any journal, book or as a website content. Thus, copyediting is always a vital constituent of content marketing. Online copyediting services ensure that whatever is published and appears in public is error-free, fit to context, easy to follow and repetition-free. Working through the material, the copy-editor corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, usage, syntaxes. They correct or query doubtful facts, weak arguments, plot holes and gaps in numbering.

Copyediting can be readily divided into six parts:

1. Proofreading

Proofreading known as ‘mechanical editing’ is the crucial part of any performance content development strategy where copyeditors mainly focus on removing grammatical errors of the raw content. The editors ensure that the developed content is accurate as per as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, syntax et cetera are concerned. Proofreading is always critical in content development process since it determines the write-up’s accuracy playing a significant part in its credibility to the target audience. Grammatical errors generally put a question mark on the acceptance of the article despite the superb content.

Obviously, it’s always recommended for any content strategy to have an expert proofreading team to produce the best content proofread.

However, online proofreading services have been very popular and widely accepted. Several online websites are available nowadays for your content to undergo artificial proofreading. Still, it’s a no-brainer that a professional copyeditor can significantly change any raw content to fit the context through his skills and experience whereas these AI-based proofing services of the websites can hardly give you any extra proofread benefit other than a bare grammar check.

Editing vs Proofreading

Many freelance editors have the misconception that editing and proofreading are the same. They are unsure about the difference between the services of the respective types.

Editing involves making changes and suggestions that will improvise the quality of the write-up, especially in language use and expressions. Editing makes the language of the write-up sharp and consistent so that the content can hit the target audience more effectively with maximum impact.

On the other hand, proofreading has less ambition than editing, hence making it a cheaper service. It has only a target to make the content accurate in sense of grammatical analysis. It has no intention of improving the quality of content by setting the tone of the content or using better vocabulary, language skills. Online editing tools are more biased to proofreading than the overall editing.

2. Line editing

Line editing reserves a big part of copyediting services. Line editing is the process of assessing parts of content as a whole, considering its accuracy, consistency, effectiveness. A writer always can line edit his own copy by coming back to it with a better attention and view. At the same time, one can always utilize the copyediting services provided by any esteemed content developing service provider like us. Our expert team provides quality English editing service which can add charm to your naive contents.

It should be noted that any novice copyeditor can be prone to change the original author’s tone for line editing. Hence, such substantive editing is very challenging and expensive and must be done carefully so that the editing doesn’t bring any change to the original author’s context set-up.

3. Fact-checking

It has become a major literary service in today’s digital era. Due to the use of unprecedented access to both reliable and unreliable information, editors are often tasked to check whether the information is accurate, legitimate or not. The target audience can be misguided if they found any controversy in the content provided and this can introduce serious failure in content marketing for any company concerned. It’s better to consult any esteemed online editing service provider to have a standard fact-checking for your contents.

4. Rewriting

Sometimes it seems that a few portions of the content need reconstruction to be published. Rewriting is known as the reconstruction of any portion as per editing requirements.

5. SEO copyediting

For developing a content strategy, the first and foremost thing is to ensure preparing SEO-friendly contents. Since the dawn of digitalization, all web content has been ranked as per their SEO. Obviously, proper placement of keywords, avoiding keyword stuffing, maintaining keyword density are some of the major conditions for a content to be search engine optimized. It has been always the cases that the raw web content is not at all SEO-friendly. Though the keywords are placed, they are scattered over the content disturbing the keyword density factor. Hence, it’s a challenge for any copyeditor to rearrange those keywords in an appropriate manner and edit the content to be an SEO friendly one.

Content Raj’s copyediting services are best known for its SEO copyediting quality. Our professionals have enough skills to manipulate the keywords and to develop the raw article as an SEO one. We also ensure that the site links are updated and content architecture allows search engine crawling.

6. Content refreshing

It’s always good to refresh the web contents on a regular basis. Target audience always expects your contents to be updated and well-connected. Hence, any outdated content can hardly help in the intention of converting a visitor to a customer which is an essential part of a content marketing team‘s responsibility. Copyeditors always provide a fresh perspective and quickly adapt your context. Hence, it’s always beneficial to leverage any well-known copyediting service provider for updating your web contents.

Content Raj’s Copyediting Services

So the overall analysis proves that writing editing is as important as developing a fantastic content. Moreover, a well-developed write-up is incomplete without deploying standard editing services. Several copyediting tools can be very useful if the author himself wants to serve the copyediting purpose. However, for many freelancers, it’s always time-consuming to adapt the copyediting skills.

We, at Content Raj, kindle up our glory-flame as a team of enthusiastic professionals under one content developer’s umbrella. Here, we not only serve the content marketing for you but we come up with thorough copyediting services for your entire website content under one umbrella.

For any consultation or any content related service, feel free to connect with us. And let our Copyediting services take on your burden, and curate the best target-oriented content for you and your business.