Product Description Writing Services


Product Description writing is one of the most effective forms of e-commerce website content employed to sell any product or services. Product descriptions not only catches the eye of the potential buyer but also invokes their interest in a new product. In simple terms, it is a perfect mashup of descriptive writing and persuasive writing. Content Raj’s domain-specific specialists deliver Product Description Writing Services ensuring that every content is prepared in accordance with the best SEO standards to assure high SERP, thereby inducing an exponential increase in the product’s online visibility.

Types of Product Descriptions

Experienced freelance Product Description writers are well aware of all the intricacies involved. They realize that product description contains authentic information about the product. On the basis of the purpose, audience, and vision of your products or services, we cater to several types of Product Description writing.

Commercial Item Description

This type of product description is simple and provides the main features, uses, and advantages of the product. It is usually crisp and short. Top-notch e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, et cetera use commercial product description to promote their products. Affiliate and digital marketers also opt for it by providing their readers with unbiased (in some cases biased) reviews.


These types of descriptions discuss the design of a product or delivery of a service. Elaborating on the mission, procedures, and vision encourages the buyer to reach out for it as one always acknowledges in-depth description of the design parameters pointing towards its uniqueness instead of merely using jargons. This type of information is applied mostly while writing a product description for clothes and garments online.


This type of Product Description Content Writing is distinct and as the name suggests, consists of all sorts of intricate information. Specifications-type product description, or specifications being just a part of Product description writing, provide a detailed account of a product’s key points, advantages and disadvantages when compared with similar products, and other important and distinctive aspects. Specifications are is mostly preferred while describing electronic gadgets.


This type of Product Description describes the methodologies used by the product or how a service provider provides a specific assistance. Similarly, to avail Content Raj’s content writing services, you simply need to specify all the details via our contact form, and then we provide you a no-obligation quote to commence your specific project.

Do’s and Don’ts of Product Description Writing Services

While converting the vision into words, especially in the case of Product Description, one needs to be well-versed with all the complexities involved in this content writing style.

Following are some of the practices that our Product Description Writing service providers at Content Raj stringently abide by.

Do’s of Product Description Writing

Make it short and crisp.

Words will convey about your product, make sure that it is not too lengthy and boring for the customer as it may leave a bad impression.

Be Relevant and Original.

Be as original and to-the-point as possible. Don’t reuse phrases and sentences. Try to be as creative as possible along with being relevant and authentic.

Focus on your buyer.

Writing a product description needs to emphasize on the need of the ideal buyer. Write according to the potential customer and it will positively do wonders for the product’s sales.

Write Extensively about the Benefits.

Ensure that you write about its benefits extensively. Don’t overdo it, but make sure that you fill in your description with enough advantages to entice and motivate the buyer.

Emphasize the Brand’s Tone of voice.

Even when you are writing, the tone is still very important. Conveying the tone of the brand is of utmost importance. It helps the customer to connect with the product in a better manner, consequently, increasing their odds of finally availing the services or buying the product.

Don’ts of Product Description Writing

Don’t use generalized terms.

Phrases or even words like ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ ‘excellent,’ et cetera. Such speeches discourage buyers as they sound too obvious, moreover, pretentious.

Avoid arrogance at all cost.

Your product may be amazing but giving an impression that it is the best and sounding too proud has a good chance can repel the customers.

Don’t be boring.

Make your description interesting and fun to read. Describing the interesting technicalities and USP’s adds significant value to users’ engagement factor. Don’t make them too long that it becomes a task to read them. Keep it simple and crisp.

Irrespective of Downsides, don’t ignore facts and figures.

Transparency is the key! In order to make a winning description, don’t forget to add genuine statistics with proper comparisons and preferably, a list of relevant accessories to give your customers a fair chance to opt for your product(s) willingly.

Why Choose Our Product Description Writing Services

At Content Raj, we understand the importance and benefits of a product description. Right from sales and marketing of products or services, a product description establishes the foundation of a business and helps organizations to find their footing in the market and expand their horizons.

A good product description with proper implementation of SEO writing is the best way to sell a product. A self-explanatory product description also leaves a pleasant impression on the customer. Moreover, a customer often judges a product based on its description. The better the description, the better the product, is a common belief.

In this digital era of thriving online shopping platforms and e-commerce websites, one cannot underestimate the authority of an effective target-oriented product description. Nonetheless, digital product description content marketing is one of the reasonable means to exponentially boost sales.

Therefore, to achieve this objective, you can hire product description writing experts as per your specific product or service. Contact us now or fill our Contact Form to order your free quote today, and avail the best Product Description Writing Services from Content Raj!