Copywriting Services


An advertisement is a backbone of any business helping the product get the exposure it requires. The fastest way to let the budding customer recognize the projected cause-and-effect of any product or services is through copywriting. The primary objective of providing effective copywriting services is to help the client connect with their targeted audience while demonstrating their features and every relevant information for additional value to the marketing. It is almost impossible to launch a product in a market without attaching a  tail of its description to it.

The customer or the client demands the overall characteristics of the product and since the market runs under the sheath of oligopoly, there are multiple products from various brands competing to gain the trust and the interest of the customer. What makes the difference are the features of a product and its capability of holding the heed of the consumer. However, just having the right product is not the only agenda to follow. A strategic promotion of what one has to offer is what makes the greater difference. Ideal copywriting services work exactly on this principle and aid the product to reach its marketing threshold.

What are the various Types of Copywriting?

Copywriting is a genre of creative writing and there are several subtypes of it. All these types have a specific formula and style of writing, all depending upon the requirement and the work area of the demanding consumer. The most common Copywriting Services include:

1) Content Copywriting

It is a type in which the writer is deemed to work around the similar topics mainly concerning about the purpose and the features of the organization or the website it is about. This type of copywriting is generally designed in a way so as to persuade the customers and grab their interest. It is gaining quite a momentum in the market of digital media due to the potential it possesses with relatively limited efforts.

2) Creative Copywriting

The title bears the explanation of this profile. It is a task of creating alluring content so as to entice the audience and captivate them within the charm of the product or the service. It generally involves two-three writers and creative heads working together to produce a well-written headline or text with the sole purpose of incontestable binding of the customer.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting

SEO copywriting is often used for increasing the visibility of the article or Blog on the Internet. The writers put their stress on using the specified keywords number of times so that the excerpt comes first when searched on the Internet using the similar keywords. A term regularly coined in SEO content writing is keyword density which determines the frequency of a word in the content. Like other forms of copywriting, it levels up the promotional tactics like keyword density in the content as well as focuses on its user-perspective.

4) Technical Copywriting

Unlike any other class of writing where the writer can rely on his or her best assumption and research to write on a topic, Technical copywriting requires the writer to have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic. There is no scope for error while creating a technical content and hence it is always advised to approach specific writers who have the foreknowledge regarding the same.

5) Sales copywriting

The writer considered to curate content in sales copywriting are required to bear advanced writing skills so as to include persuasive content writing skills with copywriting. The writers are usually from the sales background and understand the prerequisites well. It does involve the writer to have some sort of technical knowledge but not as vast as that in technical copywriting.

All these types of copywriting have varied usages in different synopses. However, they all serve one purpose – to make the content captivating enough so that anyone who goes through it once, doesn’t think twice before sharing it with his or her connections.

Use of the Science and Art of Copywriting

Now we know the types of copywriting, so it is good to know where to use it as well. Content Raj’s Copywriting services can be availed for:

  • Creating brochures,
  • Press releases for the organization,
  • Catalogs for the products in service
  • Radio commercial scripts for promotional purposes,
  • Direct mail pieces for communication purposes,
  • Sales letters,
  • Taglines,
  • Internet content,
  • Television adverts,
  • Jingle lyrics,
  • Web copy,
  • Online ads,
  • White papers, and
  • E-mails.

Copywriting is used in various settings such as website content development, Content Strategy, freelance marketing and by Content Marketing division. It is a tool frequently used by many agencies and organization with different names such as:

  • Advertisement Writing businesses,
  • Copyediting and Online Copywriting services,
  • Content copywriting services,
  • Persuasive online copywriting services, and
  • Copywriting company websites.

Do’s of Copywriting

The foremost principle of copywriting is to know who you are writing for and what they expect out of it. General assumption leads to one taking the road of failure while copywriting.

Keeping the language simple and open-ended style of writing so as to reach every kind of audience allows them to interpret the data and connect with the idea personally. Going overboard with arduous, or we can say, tough vocabulary and complex writing style can lead to misunderstanding.

Dividing the whole content into paragraphs and tossing relevant subheading is a golden rule to follow while copywriting. Describing the product, its features and advantages must always be preferred rather than elevating the hallmarks on your own.

Jot down all the questions that might pop up in the heads of the reader and then answer them clearly. This helps the reader to connect to the article.

Don’ts of Copywriting

When copywriting, do not change the actual image of the product or the service, and extensively research the topic. Grammatical, typographical or spelling errors is a dealbreaker for any kind of text and for copywriting as well.

Along with a flawless content development, we, at Content Raj strictly abide by the zero-plagiarism rule. We understand that Plagiarism of any sort, be it intentional or unintentional, not only degrades the product but also demeans the organization that we ensure never happens.

Don’t try to put hard words in order to get the line of the customers. Light sensed theme works is always better when persuasive skills are to be tested.

Content Raj’s Copywriting Services

Content Raj is a content training and development, marketing, management and content maintenance provider that adds a tincture of copywriting with all other content writing styles. The methodical course of action is followed to contrive the copy-write of a product or the resources so that every detail is studded in an engaging manner, thereby contributing to enhanced productively. While providing our copywriting services, we ensure to follow specific target-oriented measures so that your brand’s voice is amplified, and it connects with the audience.

So, to avail our Copywriting services and to connect with your audience with enhanced copies, contact us now and get a no-obligation quote today!