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Our Customers – Which One Are You?

The matter of a quality content relies on the type of customer whom it is being written for. We have categorized our customers on the basis of their scale of business because each of them tends to have common preferences for personalized customer-oriented content. At Content Raj, we have proficient writers for a wide range of content types including Article Writing, Blog Writing, Copywriting, PR Writing, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, Social Media Content Writing, and SEO Content Writing. Apart from this, our content strategists help you in establishing your Content Marketing Strategy, and a dedicated digital marketing team to assist you with Content Management

Here is a glimpse of all the categories of Content Raj’s clients:

Content for Individuals

While looking for content as an individual, the priorities are quite different from the others. They look for quality content which can help them in promoting themselves and their skills. The preferred content by individuals is mostly promotionally covered as informational. As they try to provide information about themselves which can be useful to their potential clients.

Furthermore, content services that generally individuals usually prefer include website content writing services for their personal websites, ghostwriting services for their potential clients, and academic, research, whitepaper or business papers for the same.

Content for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs represent a small scale business and make a limited investment in content marketing. The sole element of attracting customers through the content is its quality. The content writing services that emerging businesses prefer generally revolve around a comprehensive amalgamation of information and promotional context. They intend to make an impression on the target audience with the reliability of content while promoting their brand name in the process.

The content generally required by small-scale businesses are SEO content writing where they need high SERP as traditional marketing is comparatively high-priced.

Content for Agencies

Digital Marketing agencies around the world generally focus on providing website design and development services, along with SEO maintenance. For such agencies, Content Raj provides website content, SEO-friendly content as well as Social Media Marketing content. On the other hand, Multilateral Agencies are funded by the government and attain a huge clientele through brand name. They represent a large scale business and have sufficient funds to spend on content marketing. The preferred content is mostly informational because they already have access to a large amount of the population. This type of content helps them in attaining the customers and attracting new ones.

Content for Ambitious Enterprises

Well established organizations and enterprises intend to expand their influence. Big MNC’s or those who are yet to step into the online marketing scenario focus on promoting themselves through proper quality as well as the quantity of promotional content. The preferred content is a 70-30% mix of informational and promotional.

They generally require a content marketing company to develop as well as publish content for them on different platforms. Content Raj is a consistent strategically devised quality content for different platforms to attract a large number of potential customers. Our team of target-oriented professionals can get you the digital marketing that you as an individual, as an agency or as an organization have always aspired for.

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