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Humans have defined language as a medium for communication. There exist multiple types of languages and dialects based on the religion, topography, country, and obviously species. When someone is speaking in the language that the other person does not speak then there is a barrier of language standing between the opinion sharing the path of the two. Since the Internet is a vast ocean with surfers from around the world, a similar problem may occur while writing a blurb or an article. To describe a product or a service, a simple yet informative write up is required which consist of all the technical terms listed in the dimension of that product or the service and is understandable to all. Technical content writing is a form of writing which works on the principle of explaining the complete aspect of a subject to everyone in a simple format using technical jargon.

What are the different types of Technical Content Writing?

Technical writing has diverse faces and each of those have a purpose and a feature of their own. Even though there can be various types depending on the one differentiating, the most important types are enumerated below.

1) Presentation Writing

Every genre of business is familiar with the concept of a presentation. It is one of those aspects in a corporate world which has never faded and will not fade in near future. It is a medium used to educate the existing employees of a task or a project or anything else and is also used to demonstrate the working of some project or product to someone outside of the same circle. Presentation writing has a few points which when considered thoroughly uplifts the whole presentation. It is a kind of Business plan writing. Presentations should be precise and not short. Adding everything that is needed to be conveyed is not the right way. Usage of Images and graphs particularly increases the attractiveness of the presentation.

2) Report Writing

Report writing is something that everyone starts doing from the school days but the complexity increases when the report is written for a business purpose. A report should be created strictly using simple vocabulary and terms which are related to the topic. Exaggeration of any point is not what a report demands. The standard format of a report must be followed while writing a report. It is a white paper writing.

3) User Manual Writing

Technical content writing of this sort is created for the purpose of explaining the guidelines or the working of any specific product, product part, the category of product, etc. Since the reader of the manual is presumed as someone with no prior knowledge of the theme, the language in this type of writing is simple and on point.

4) Specific Job-based writing

Some form of writing is targeted to a particular set of audience, for example, a piece of writing explaining the working of a motor will interest an engineering mind preferably. Scientific writing and medical writing also follows this category. They contain information which will adhere to the audience having some clue about the topic of the priory. They are sometimes written in deep and sometimes just in a summary format.

5) Documents related to Employment

Documents which falls under this category are Resumes, CV, Joining Letter, Resignation letter, Notice, etc. These are a formal piece of text which needs to be fabricated using strict format and language type. They are one of the most common types which everyone comes in contact with on an everyday basis. They are generally precise and apt.

Use of Technical Content Writing?

Technical writing has oodles of usage and the most common are catalogued in the list given below.

1) To write user manuals for technical equipment.

2) To create Grant applications, email letters, proposals and other related forms of writing.

3) To create a write up which is understandable to all even a Novice.

4) To inform the potential users of the product and service using the technical perspective.

5) To persuade the user while explaining the proper usage of the product/service.

Do’s and Don’ts of Technical Writing

1) Try to be as accurate as possible

Unless the topic is highly controversial or has varying surfaces, it is advised to be rigorous. Exhaustive researching is the path to choose in order to complete this step. To write a technical write up, one must have technical knowledge for content writing.

2) Write according to the reader and not the writer

It is mandatory to understand that technical content writing is for readers and for them to perceive the subject is the uttermost priority. Before penning down the self-opinions, research well and acknowledge the type of audience and what they might be expecting from the write-up.

3) Use proper format

No matter what the level is of technical write up, it should be professional looking. The prescribed configuration should be adopted and the whole write up should abide by it. Following this step makes the report more proficient and appealing. It is an important point for both freelance technical writers or professional technical writers.

4) Use tools for spell and Grammar check

Any form of writing shuns spelling and grammar mistakes. Report with these small errors deteriorates its presence among the audience. Before going for the long run and publishing the work check for the construct and syntax errors. There are countless tools available for free on the web for this purpose and takes seconds to compute the result.

5) Be clear with the content

Ambiguous content will repel the reader and create negative reviews for the write-up. Using examples can aid in explaining the concept well. It also improves the quality of the content and makes it more comprehensible.

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