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For all you Marvel Cinematic Universe fans out there, things just got a whole lot more exciting. The mighty Thanos is on his mission to destroy the world with his infinity stones, but all hope is not lost yet. What’s there to fear when the Avengers are here. Pop brings your heroes to life, as small yet powerful bobblehead beings determined to save the universe. Funko Pop Marvel Avengers Infinity War 6” Hulk Buster figure is a huge fan favorite! Since that giant won’t fit in our houses, we make it smaller to find room for him in your houses. I know what you’re thinking: How considerate, Funko. It doesn’t end there, it is decked with super exciting features. Let’s explore a few of them, shall we?

“Listen to me, that little witch is messing with your mind. You’re stronger and smarter than her. You’re Bruce Banner!”

                                                            HULK BUSTER (Avengers: Age of Ultron)



  • It comes in a size of about 6 inches which is equal to 15.24 cm for all you Math nerds out there.
  • Dressed in gold and red, the Hulk Buster comes in an urban style design and is made of vinyl. It will look great on your shelf and guarantees to make you feel like a part of the MCU for sure.
  • This little bobblehead is the perfect combination of cute and powerful. With the power to stop the incredible hulk, it also manages to amuse you with its cute looks.
  • Available at quite reasonable rates, with exciting offers to accompany it, this product will not drill a hole through your pocket.
  • Will be delivered at your doorstep in a neat window box package since we do not intend to destroy your roof by letting him fly in.



When I say “Incredible”, do you say “Hulk”?

When I say “Bruce”, do you say “Banner”?

Then that my friend, is the reason for you to own this creation.

Start your collection of your Marvel heroes and beat your friends to it.

It only gets better because along with being the People’s Choice Award Winner, Funko Pop! Is also the 2017 Toy of the Year. Featuring the combination of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Ironman, and the Hulk, this one is a special pop to add to your collection.


This product is meant for adult collectors since we are all still kids at heart and still live in the fascination with superhero bobbleheads. However, children below the age of sixteen may be allowed to play with it, only under adult supervision.

So, if there’s something green in your neighborhood, you know who to call: HULK BUSTER! What are you waiting for? Make sure he visits your house first and destroy evil together. You can get your own Hulk Buster bobblehead from Amazon! Along with the Hulk Buster, all your other favorite Marvel heroes are available too, so you can go and check all of them out!