How to Choose The Best Compound Bow for You - Content Raj

Before starting off with what is the best compound bow to buy, it is necessary to highlight how well engineered these type of bows are. They are not only easier to use than their recurve counterparts but can perfect one’s skills with less practice. While choosing the best compound bow, it is suggested for you to know your dominant eye, the one which helps you aim better. If it is the left one, you’ll need a left-handed bow and vice versa. A perfect combination of draw length and draw weight has to be considered. Arrow speed and price also come handy before choosing your perfect pick.

Considering these factors, there are a few picks which have topped the list of hundreds of bow models. Let’s analyze five of the best ones to help you choose better which the best compound bow for you to buy is.

1. Prime Logic Compound Bow

When there are multiple factors involved in determining a good compound bow, being the best is a difficult task. But Prime Logic has been absolute perfection which can be used anywhere- be it hunting, shooting just for fun or even bow hunt competitions, this bow is truly a piece of art.

Talking about its specifications, this one is superbly well balanced as compared to the previous models by Prime which were known for its split limbs and overall short length. But Prime has intricately designed this piece giving utmost importance to power, speed and maximum let off which have led it to the top of the list. Its smooth and precise shots accurately overshadow its large cams and a short length.

However, it works best if you talk about balancing, arrow speed, and smooth shots but can be a slight let down considering that it is expensive than others accompanied by the fact that its rollover is comparatively difficult.

Nonetheless, different people have different dominant factors for choosing their perfect bow.

2. Bear Kurma Compound Bow

If your main focus is on hunting, go for Bear Kurma Compound bow which is a quiet and a fast shooter in itself. Being less expensive, it provides consistent draws too. The only thing to consider is that it has a lot of moving parts and is somewhat heavy.

3. Bowtech Realm

For a tech-savvy choice, Bowtech Realm is truly a wonder. Its technology has comforted the game of archery with flat backed Clutch Performance which helps you do pain-free hunting. It is durable, rigid and easy to shoot with. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is a little loud and you can feel the unbalance at times.

4. Bear Archery Threat

Money is one of the greatest factors when you are buying a sporting article. Bear Archery Threat can be a good value for money bow. This doesn’t mean they have compromised on quality. The bow has a smooth draw and lets off along with being affordable. Although it is not super accurate and is a little heavy to carry too.

5. PSE Perform X

Some people have big competitions to win. So a bow which will provide you with a comfortable balance, will be smooth to shoot and laser consistent is PSE Perform X. You might find it a little expensive and difficult to get used to shooting with it but it is an ideal pick for competitions.

There’s a lot to love about compound bows and choosing the best compound bow to buy is challenging. With increasing options and improving designs, the choices are unlimited. Simply choose your dominant reason for buying a bow and there, you’ve found your perfect pick!