5 Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US

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There is something special about the American roads which have forced people to add a short trip in the US to their bucket lists. Who doesn’t dream of landing from a flight and a car waiting at the airport doorstep to hop on to and hit the road? Well with a few Google searches, you can rent a budget car from your nearest airport, with easy price comparison and affordable charges, so that your wander desires are never left incomplete. But what places to drive away to? Don’t worry, we have penned down a list for you.

Let’s take a look at the list of Places to Visit during a Short Trip in The US

  1. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas

Hamilton-Pool-Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US - ContentRaj

Why not start off your road trip with a nice bath in the dripping springs?

  • The 50-feet waterfall showering its water all day is surely a great place to bid adieu your hectic schedules and relax a bit.
  • A perfect place for swimming and picnicking, you cannot miss out on a great swim in Austin.
  • The swimming hole created from the Hamilton Creek and its limestone outcroppings is an ideal place to kick-start your journey at an adventurous spot.
  • Prior reservations required during peak summer months of May-September.
  1. Lake Tahoe, California

lake-tahoe-Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US - ContentRaj

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful spot encasing the sparkling blue waters and comes with a mountain view. Look at it from a distance and you’ll feel a painting come to life.

  • The largest alpine lake in North America, it is known for a series of outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Explore the area on your bike, go windsurfing or kayaking in summers.
  • Look for a spectacular view of snow-capped mountains during heavy snowfall while skiing your way through the fresh snow.
  • For the not so sporty ones, the place gives a vivacious Vegas vibe with casinos running 24×7 and a flashy nightlife.
  1. Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

upper and lower antelope canyon-Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US - ContentRaj

Promising an intriguing spot during your westward trip is the Upper Antelope Canyon of Arizona.

  • You’ll feel Physics and Geography coming together on your short trip in the US here, with a picturesque view that will leave you spellbound.
  • It is no doubt a great place for photography which captures the rays of the sun making its way through the creaks of broken rocks.
  • Look as high as you can and you’ll find nothing but illusionary images of nature. Light beams, sand drifts will give you a sense of photographic bliss.
  • So brush up your photography skills and fully charge your cameras before you stop to see this wonder of nature.
  1. El Cosmico, Marfa 

el-cosmico-marfo-Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US - ContentRaj

El Cosmico, a campground, and a nomadic hotel are going to push through the wanderer in you.

  • The Narcos fans out there are surely going to thank their lucky stars for coming across this place.
  • Imagine seeing a sky full of stars on a regular night while lying on your unmade beds and sipping coffee.
  • The imagination in your head now has a location. And this is what Marfa holds for you.
  • It will include desert safaris, vintage trailers, scouting tents and an outdoor common kitchen to cook your own food.
  • Just like setting up your little home in a lost land and balancing out the adventure and work, it will surely be a time to get some time off the built world.
  1. Big Sur, California 

big sur sightseeing california-Best Places to Visit During Your Short Trip in The US - ContentRaj

A peaceful area, running across the entire stretch of Californian coasts promises a view of large cliffs with a taste of the Pacific Ocean.

  • With shades of blue, green and brown, it will help you feel the essence of your color palette.
  • The drive through Big Sur is a magnet for a lot of car commercials showing a long beautiful road with a mountain view and a setting sun.
  • A serene place to sit and admire the aesthetic beauty of nature while looking at a wide variety of birds, Big Sur has a lot to offer.

Feeling the wanderlust already? Arrange some bucks, pack your bags and get ready to check ‘short trip in the US’ off your bucket list!

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