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We live in an era dominated by online dating and hookup culture. Just like straight individuals, for gay men or lesbians, with the help of the numerous free gay dating sites, their soulmate is also just one swipe away.

But what if one is a queer who prefers handsome hunks to gorgeous damsels, then where should they go? I mean, there’s no denying that online dating apps are the most popular means of meeting people in the 21st century. Don’t know where to look? Well, in that case, let me give you a tour of some of the most popular and top five free gay dating sites that I came across while I was helping one of my friend in need. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Jack'd - Top Gay Dating Websites - ContentRaj

With a weighted average rating of 4.1 and 127,856 reviews, Jack’d tops this list. This diverse and authentic app is available on Google Play Store and can be easily accessible. Here’s the bonus – Being one of the prevailing gay dating sites, Jack’d offers an additional advantage of touch ID to keep all the nosey curious friends out of the picture. To keep this app alive and fresh, Jack’d also automatically deletes profiles that have been inactive for over three months thus giving more space for new users.


Grindr - Top Gay Dating Websites - ContentRaj

Released over almost a decade ago, Grindr dominates the entire world of hookup culture. If you have a gay friend, you are sure to have heard of this site. With profile guidelines that bar the enrollees from sharing naked pictures, they keep it elite and classy. What’s better, Grindr is even an activist for gay rights. Being the perfect boys only platform, this is every gay man’s paradise and if one needs a reliable gay hookup or gay dating site, Grindr is definitely a safe bet.


Scruff - Top Gay Dating Websites - ContentRaj

With over 10 million users, Scruff has skyrocketed in popularity ever since its release in 2010. Their system provides a new list of gay men awaiting approval on a daily basis. Additionally, it runs on iOS, Android as well as Apple Watch. They even have a unique feature known as ‘Woof’ wherein one can actually just bark at his or her significant other instead of chatting per say. With all its interesting features, this is one shot that the LGBT community will not regret.


Surge - Top Gay Dating Websites - ContentRaj

Goodbye Tinder, hello Surge! ‘The choice is yours’ says its motto and there couldn’t be a better way to market a gay dating site than this. Chat with other gay men, swipe right, make mutual connections and you’re good to go. It is often even referred to as ‘gay-Tinder’. The private mode even enables the enrollees to make the profile visible only to the men they have liked. They have destroyed all gender boundaries and they celebrate pride like no other. Well if you’re a straightforward, not so straight man, then why fight thiS-urge?


Chappy - Top Gay Dating Websites - ContentRaj

A UK based site, Chappy fosters a judgment-free community and enables one to openly express their sexuality in the virtual world. Being a combination of happy and choice, Chappy completely abandons all negative stereotypes about being gay. Chappy also provides a choice of ‘relationship-oriented’ or ‘hook-up oriented’. Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, they help everyone find them all. If all goes well, you might even mention Chappy in your wedding toast!

Final Take on Gay Dating Sites

As promised, here’s your advice: Let the heart speak, not your mouth. You’ll see a beautiful relationship bloom right before your eyes. Love fiercely and love boldly.  Let’s face it, even Harry Potter taught us that no one should live in the closet. Love is a human experience and not a political statement, so don’t let anybody tell you who you should love and you should not. So, put yourself out there and live your life the way you want to, after all,

Life Gets Better Together!