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Although we look bizarre while lying in our bedroom on lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings but we have to make sure we look well dressed and good enough on Monday mornings (not to forget Friday nights). It would be a clear lie if someone said that they don’t mind what they are wearing because we all are conscious of ourselves. But this doesn’t mean that you become self-conscious about your own self. Being presentable and comfortable in your attire is important. When you are able to carry the dress you are wearing perfectly and also looks well enough, that is when you can call yourself a good dresser.

It is also important to wear the right dress at the right time and place. Being over-dress might make you a subject of mockery and be under-dressed makes you dull and uninterested. We all are nowadays very much aware how to dress up good, so now let’s see what one must notice and do to get it on point before you go out there and rock the world. Following are the comments inferring that you are part of that league!

Are You A Good Dresser? Let’s Check it Out!

are you a good dresser or need a change - Content Raj

1. “That Guy/Girl can Carry It!”

Having goals towards your clothes sounds as if you are a shopaholic or cloth-crazy but instead it is being up to date and trendy. when you are aware of what is the day about and how you want to look, you must choose your clothes, shoe hairdo, make-up etc according to that, for example, you are going to have an entire day tedious meeting, you can wear a pair of formal cotton pants which will keep you comfortable and anytime better than a pencil skirt, a black polished platform or wedge and simple mascara and lipstick will do. It would be presentable, proper type and something you can carry freely.

2. “Hey, you look Good Today!”

You are perfect at what you are wearing when you start receiving compliments from people every twice or thrice a week rather than yearly festive compliments. You would feel more confident too even in the jobs which you might in the past fear or would be unwilling to do.

3. “Which One Looks Better?”

You become the stylist of your house. Everyone in your house or friends approach you to help out on occasions and ask for your dressing advice. You have more followers on social media because your OOTD (outfit of the day) is trendy and something people look upon and waiting for. You start getting more styling and attire credits too.  You will become that one in the group that everyone wants to take shopping.

4. “What Do You Think?” Any Suggestions???

be confident - are you a good dresser - Content Raj

People will ask about from where have you brought the outfit and ask you for recommendations. You can now make up and manage to look awesome even on the days when you have nothing to wear. No one can shop for you except, you yourself. But you can get all you want and look amazing in a quite low-key budget.

So, get ready to even look back to your past photos without regrets and embarrassments because once you have all these things checked, things would always look good without much effort and you will be called a good dresser!