Types of Men's Formal Shoes

As we all know that the shoe we wear is very important according to the purpose or occasion. Formal shoes are always considered best to impress someone you are meeting for the first time. It leaves an impression on the other person. They would see you as a gentleman. The elders always used to say not to have business with the ones who wear loafers and slip on. They say you can’t trust the ones with such attire. It is said that the people who can’t invest in good shoes, one can’t invest in or with them. A proper type of formal footwear is also important according to time and place.

Let’s go through the topmost types of formal shoes one should consider adding to his wardrobe

1. Oxford Formal Shoes

oxford formal shoes - best formal shoes - Content Raj

Formal shoes can be divided into two types- Derbies and Oxfords. Oxfords have a compact close lace look which makes it look more sleek and decent. They are originated in Scotland; they are also called ‘Balmorals’ in some places after the Balmorals castle. Oxfords are the best shoes and are one of the most expensive shoes. They reflect sophistication.

2. Derby Formal Shoes

derby formal shoes - best formal shoes - Content Raj

Unlike the oxfords, Derbies have open laces which give them a bold, robust and versatile look. The feel you can have it while wearing is quite comfortable. They are also preferred as they come in colors like cognac, brown, oxblood and many red shades. They can be worn on formal business attire as well as jeans. You can wear a sporty look with a pair of loose-fitting trousers and derbies. They are also sometimes called bluchers. However, there is a slight difference between the two.

3. Brogue Formal Shoes

Brogue Shoe - best formal shoes - Content Raj

Brogues were traditionally designed for merchants. It was mostly worn by people who live in marshy or muddy areas where water would not affect the shoes. It has got holes to drain the water in such places and walk comfortably. Regardless of being in Oxford or derby look, brogue has its own style and look and makes it different from the rest. Wingtips are a kind of brogue, with detailed decorations and patterns on an extended toecap. These pair of shoes are very spacious, and you can always find comfort.

4. Monk Strap Formal Shoes

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Monk straps, the name itself say I of being something with straps and buckles. It gives firmness and steady grip for a person to walk.it can be classified in both oxfords and derby but is more considered in oxfords because of it closed toe look. The shoes can have single or multiple straps. It gives the best look in chocolate or brown suedes colors. It was originally made for the military and hence it had broad and heavy toecap. These shoes were made as an alternative to sandals by the and for monks.

There are many more but the ones above are a few that a man must always have if he is looking forward to growing a quality formal shoe wardrobe.