Winter Fashion Hacks for Women - Content Raj

Winter is a season where you have to decide your priorities and compromise on either style or warmth. Unlike summers, where the clothes are short, pretty and airy to help you beat the heat, winters can leave you looking bad or falling ill. But we have prepared a list of some pro tips which can provide you with the best of both worlds – looking stylish and staying warm. So, let us unfold our top winter fashion hacks for women.

Oh, and for the record, maybe you would want to check out Winter Fashion Hacks for Men. Anyway, without any further ado, let us begin!

1. Layer Up

buttoned sweater - women winter hacks - Content Raj

You can start off with a basic layering of inners and tops, and wear up nice buttoned sweaters with an open overcoat. This is one of the smartest and a stylish way to carry yourself. Otherwise, you can try wearing a lightweight puffer jacket with same colored boots to give you a good look.

2. Wear Right Colours

pink coloured warm jackets - women winter hacks - Content Raj

If you want to purchase jackets or sweaters, go for bright colors. Black and white look very mundane as everybody is wrapped in these two colors. Go for pink, blue, peach et cetera colors to stand off the regulars.

3. Dress Up

winter dress and long boots - women winter hacks - Content Raj

People have this notion that you can carry dresses only during summers. Well, to prove them wrong, and moreover, stand out, you can add up with layers of open sweaters and an overcoat. To prevent those legs from feeling cold, you can pair them up with long boots. Office meetings or a coffee date, this one is undoubtedly one of the best winter fashion hacks for women.

4. Try a Statement Scarf

statement scarf - women winter hacks - Content Raj

You can actually carry mufflers and scarfs with most of the outfits. They not only prevent your neck from feeling cold, but matching scarfs look very cool. It is one of the favorite cold weather accessories. You can wrap it around your neck, or maybe wear it over the layers. Either way, you’ll find them adding a statement to your style.

5. Core Should be Warm

winter inners - women winter hacks - Content Raj

It isn’t a good option to wear light clothes on the inside and keep layering. It is advisable to wear warm clothes inside and keep layering as per your warmth. No number of layers would be enough if you are feeling cold on the inside. So, it is very important to keep your core body warm. Warm inners can be of great help here.

6. Boot up all the Way

fur boots - women winter hacks - Content Raj

Nothing looks classier in winters than your boots. Long, short, fur, without fur, you can have them all and pair up according to your outfit. Boots are a lifesaver as winter outfits don’t really look good on sports shoes or canvas. So, carry them often in winters.

7. Skirts for the Save

pencil skirt - women winter hacks - Content Raj

Winter has its own collection of leather skirts and you can never carry them except for winters. Black, grey, white leather pencil skirts paired up with short jackets and leggings will contribute to your checklist of all the winter fashion hacks for women, and it will give you one of the coolest winter-looks. You can carry them with a hot top with a leather jacket in parties or maybe puffer jackets on a casual note. It goes with it all.

8. Keep them Feet Warm

women's winter boots - women winter hacks - Content Raj

Boots are surely a lifesaver during heavy snow, no doubt. At the same time, it is equally important to keep your feet warm. Fur boots are warm in themselves but it is advisable to wear warm wool socks. With a dipping temperature of zero degrees, feet are the first body part to feel the chill. It is better to keep your feet warm by not putting on hosiery instead of wearing wool.

9. Don’t go too Tight

uncomfortable dresses - women winter hacks - Content Raj

It’s okay to look a little bulky and packed in winters. Don’t focus on going with the skin tight, slim fit clothes. Leave it for flaunting during the summers. Look for warm yet clothes that serve both the purpose and don’t go too tight on yourself.

10. Winter Fashion Hacks for Women – Accessories

accesories - women winter hacks - Content Raj

Still feeling incomplete even after putting on that beautiful black dress. Well, maybe you are missing accessories:


Get your heals to go with your favorite dress, put on shoes if the skirt is your choice, or get flats for your ethnics. Just a tip – Match the colour of your upper with that of our shoes and you are on!


These babies have to be allotted specific timings. Carrying a bulky office bag during the day can complete your aspirations, while sling bags in the evening and clutches during the night can do the trick for you!


Maximum attention gainer, right earrings can be a life hack in itself. So, what to do? Well, you can go for Filigree and Jhumkas with your ethnic wear, try the drop or dangle earrings with your dresses, and casually, clip-on earrings can be a good preference.

Watch or Bracelet

Last but not the least, how can you leave your hand empty. Watches are evergreen and can go with almost anything. Its alternative is a bracelet that would go with ethnics or all sorts of dresses you wear!

So, wear pretty, look beautiful and don’t forget to follow all the above-mentioned points. Is Winter coming? Not a problem if you know all the winter fashion hacks for women.