Even a minute spent on the Internet reflects the power of content. Nothing attracts more users and customers than some resolute and charming words. Content Writing Industry is expanding every day and has shaped into a Goliath sector where opportunities flow every second, all that a content writer needs to do in order to seize that opportunity is to learn what to write when to write and who to write. There are multiple Content Writing Genres and they all have an audience but of a distinctive kind. Even though the writing of any format is welcomed and serves in making money along with success, some have the low rate of performance while some have the high.

Top 5 Content Writing Genres to help a writer establish his/her name in this industry are itemized below.

1) SEO Content Writing

Who does not know what SEO is and what it does for the content. SEO driven Writings have been gaining a lot of recognition because of the traffic it magnets. The Search Engine Optimization is a popular way of writing content.

It is a writing method in which a specific keyword which is closely related to the topic is used several times in the text which is referred to as the keyword density. This ensures that when someone searches for the topic most probably using that keyword, then the articles or the blogs featuring that keyword appears on the result page. This affirms the visibility of the write up on the web and augments the earning as well.

2) Technical Writing

It is one of the most famous content writing genres where the point is to explain the technicality of any product or service using the influence of words. It is used in almost every territory be it consumer goods, technology, entertainment, etc. The basic purpose of technical writing is to explain the existence and usage of goods and services. It does not involve creative manipulation of sentences but just on-point clarification of concepts. Exaggerating the content is not among the principal points of Technical Writing.

3) Press Release Writing

Ever since the trade and commerce industry set its foot in the world of mankind, press releases have been waving their charm. Press releases are the content written on the new product or deal or any other information that industry wants the common people to know through official channels. Even though the main aim of press releases remains the same, now it is also used in a way to increase the sales and thereby the profit. Press release writers should have a robust style of writing and should be assertive with the words they have chosen.

4) Copywriting

Copywriters are the most common type of writers that anyone out of the writing industry knows about. It is a growing area where the demands are growing at the same rate. Whatever a copywriter writes is known as a ‘copy’. It brings a lot of success in no time but it is also a very competitive sector amongst all. Copywriters are charged with writing for anything from a punch line for a product, a jingle for an advertisement or even a small description of the product. The aim is to sell and that using sentences stacked up together to form a manipulative line.

5) Editorial and publication based writing

Newspapers are the morning and evening snack for a host of people. They cater to the news of the world in one place altogether. The segment of write-ups that every newspaper features are known as editorials. Editorials are the written details of newspaper on a certain report using their own research and journalism. On the other hand, Publication writing is nothing but writing articles to be published on paper or online. It requires extensive research so as to dig out facts and figures of the concerned topic.