Content Writing is an umbrella term for all types of content written on various platforms for many different reasons. Primarily, it is considered to be a work completely done by humans, but it is now being slowly taken over by the Artificial Intelligence or AI. Content Development and Content Strategy are the kinds of works which are mostly done by humans not only because of their intelligence but because of their knowledge. However, the question is – as Artificial Intelligence is gaining more momentum, does AI content writing carry the potential to become the sole alternative in the future?

The AI Content…

Artificial Intelligence is defined by the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, “technologies and processes that augment human knowledge and capabilities.”

AI is not a new term and is in use since past many years. However, Content AI is a new field of study which is developing rapidly. AI content writing tools use two technologies to generate content:

  • Natural-language generation (NLG), it is a process through which data input is turned into narrative-stories. It follows a logical process in which data is converted into strategic content, like financial reports, product descriptions, etc.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) refers to a computer’s ability to understand the spoken or written human language.  

These two technologies, or rather tools, together facilitate the creation of content through AI. The Content AI is being improved upon and is becoming more popular among the users to get easy and quick content.

Is AI Content Writing taking over?


Content Marketing and Content Writing are efficient ways of promoting businesses because they hit the audience directly. Written content is able to able to impact the readers because it connects with them.

Artificial Intelligence, though is becoming more and more intelligent with each passing day, it does seem to be a long way to take over the humans as content writers. Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt better than humans when it comes to compiling and arranging data, however, that’s where they lack in the field of content writing too. They lack the word humane, by that it means human nature.

Humans can create original and creative data in accordance to the need of the readers. We have the ability to understand our readers and what might be their mental, emotional or psychological needs as they proceed to read a particular write-up. Digital Analytics can surely sort our target audience but whether it can create a feeling on its own, is yet to be discovered.

Humans are exceptionally well-versed in the ways in which society works and thinks and can hence, write accordingly with correct tone, language and persuasion to appeal to a wider range of readers. Artificial Intelligence may reach a habitual audience trained to view similar type of stories but it completely fails to develop an entirely new interest within the readers, and thus, is still inferior to humans. So, we can infer that AI content writing still has an unforeseen potential of improving its creative abilities.

Machine learning on its own is not yet developed enough to venture into Content Marketing or Copywriting because of the lack of creativity and understanding of human nature. However, in recent times, there has been a lot of content being produced with the help of AI, though most of it is technical and analytical in terms of nature, it also shows a great potential for upgraded creative write-ups.

How Artificial Intelligence can help Content Development?

AI is seen as an alternative to humans; however, in the field of content writing, it will prove to be more than an acquaintance. AI can be relied upon to create analytical and reporting content.

As for other content, in the near future, the ability of Artificial Intelligence can be developed further by humans but a collaboration between two has, and will prove to be significantly suitable for readers, and profitable for the organizations.

AI will not be taking over manual writers anytime soon, however, if developed properly, it can greatly help them in achieving quality content with better facts, logic and results.