Controversy is the shadow of every bright light. Anything big and surplus can lead to a perfectly trimmed controversy no matter how much precaution is taken. The history of human life on earth ponders the trail of controversies that followed. From the time of Adam and Eve, controversies started to breathe in the space of mankind and never really stopped living. Being a media figure sounds extravagant and a life of fame and popularity but it comes with a price. Every word uttered is analyzed by each and every person hearing it and they take it their way. Some may like it, some may not thereby leading to the fire the holy grail of controversy.

Press releases are the door to these controversies and there have been plenty since the world of media emerged. The year 2018 is still growing and has seen a lot of already out of which some were extremely feisty and flamed the mass media. The most controversial of all have been accumulated together in the list given below.

1) The fire around Padmaavat(i)

What can a movie bring? Entertainment, Drama, Emotions, and Excitement most of the times. However, Padmaavat walked a very different path. This epic period drama is not the very first movie of esteemed producer-director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to fall into the pit of criticism but Padmaavat set some other level. The storyline of the movie is based on the life of Queen of Padmavati of Rajasthan. Some parts of the cinematography of this film worked but just to upset the Rajput community of Rajasthan Called Karni Sena.

The situation went far when life threats started to surface against the actors and the director of the film. All this turned into a chaos leading to much more success to the film in the end.

2) The disturbance in AFSPA

AFSPA stands for Armed Forces Special Powers Act which are the acts defined under the light of Parliament of India stating that the Armed force of India can intervene with the case involving a disturbed area. The government is brainstorming on removing the power that the soldiers have during this act which allows them to arrest or even open fire on anyone playing with the law. The proposal open eyes of critics as well as supporters.

Those in favor claimed that this act leads to unjustified killings and those against states that such amendment can lead to disturbance in law and order.

3) The scamster of India

Nirav Modi is not just a name but also a synonym to a fraudster. He is a fugitive who deceived the Punjab National Bank and laundered a lump sum of Rs 280 crore with the help of Bank officials. His hefty tower of fame tumbled when PNB filed a complaint against him and others related.

The news shocked the Indian citizens and imprinted fear on everyone’s mind. He is still on run from Interpol but all his assets have been seized.

4) The ministry in the hands of Smriti Irani

The resolute bahu turned into political figure and now a cabinet minister, Smriti Irani has been gulping criticism from the very first day she decided to buy the ticket to politics. Recently, She was in news because of the decision she made as the minister of Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B).

The idea to regulate the distribution of fake news in the media circle did not garner the praise as it was expected to and therefore led to some outrage in the media community. The PMO had to intrude to extinguish the fire surmounting the situation.

Hon’ble Mention – Everything related to Trump’s Presidency

There is a sad day and there is a bad day. The day Donald Trump was elected as the president of America was a sad-bad day. He has done very little to showcase his leadership skills and a plethora of work to show his controversial seeker skills. From irrational migration laws to the idea of building a wall between Mexico and U.S, he is winning the battle of the worst leaders of America. His twitter handle works as a platform to express his racist ideology.

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