5 Reasons why Content Marketing is the King of Digital Marketing Kingdom


The world started with 2, turned into a chaotic ocean of 7 billion and the most it has offered throughout these years of evolution is competition. There is a race in everything be it a race to find a home, a race to find love or a race to earn well. Technological advances in the chronicles of mankind helped in easing the lives of many but thrashed open the doors to clash for survival. Every second welcomes a new human on earth somewhere around the globe and every single one desires to be above their peers. Like said, there are countless ways to establish a name amidst the heap of talents but to stand uptight in rain and sunshine or in the dark and light is what defines the supremacy of one human over others. Content Marketing is the mirror of this concept. It is all about putting the plate in front of the eater in a manner that it will grab the interest instantly with its presence.

Facts and figures gathered over the account of the economic graph of the business sector reveal that content marketing is the ultimate king of Digital Marketing Kingdom. The points to strengthen the claim are explained in detail in the rest of the article.

1) A Magnet for Targeted Traffic

The content of any business is similar to the pied piper; therefore holds the ability to lure the potential customers with its virtue. A well-structured content with proper usage of SEO and SERP leads to the success of the content thereby making it visible among the millions of texts. Content marketing if done well can sell anything to anyone and that too anywhere. A web portal full of interesting content will not only bring the traffic but will also clutch it.

2) Outbound Marketing Version 2.0

Outbound marketing had its time and it never refrained itself from enjoying it. Nevertheless,  the days of its ruling are fading with the birth of Content Marketing. The reasons for this are very simple,  for instance, Outbound Marketing is all about webinars, seminars, T.V advertisements et cetera, and all these are associated with a lump sum of money, whereas, Content Marketing walks on the path of the budget. Interestingly, it also generates more leads than Outbound Marketing.

3) Synonym of Advertisement – Content Marketing

A 2016 research revealed that most of the people around the globe prefer reading news on the Internet rather than switching to the news channel. This proves that Content marketing has a platform which is already packed with users and all it needs is a launch.

4) Making the business witness unprecedented growth in no time

A data collected in 2017 unveiled that business firms with regular blogs on the Internet had a growing graph whereas those with no respect for this phenomenon were left behind to see the dropping or the constant graph of growth. Almost 80 % of Internet surfers are into visiting blogging sites which is a very large number to consider.

5) Endless Possibilities

The conventional ways are also good but the time demands better and that is what Content Marketing is. Statistics had already proven that Content Marketing has the ability to convert a potential customer into a definite customer six times more than that of Traditional Marketing strategies. The manipulative powers it beholds are far better than those possessed by the accustomed methods.

Since Forever and Growing Stronger…

Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Influential Marketing, and SEO marketing, all are the ingredients of the same cuisine called Content Marketing. Since the ages, through traditional measures and now in the virtual arena, it has not only defined the working of countless products and services provided by businesses but has also played a decisive role in shaping the fate of every organization we know today to be a success, and many more will rise because of it.

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