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There are two aspects to logic: the practical way, and the miraculous one. The debate on Religion and Science logic is a never-ending one but still, it is all a matter of perspective. But is it? Let’s see!

Numbers, Figures, Proofs, Not Enough?

Speaking of Science first, the origin of science came from minds that were open, curious and exploring. Working off a set of assumptions, hypotheses, and figures to get the answers as to why something happens was science. Slowly, it moved towards looking for problems in the society and finding their solutions through ways which can be expressed via pen and paper.

The amount of advancement that has happened in the past two decades has been significant enough in changing lives. Inventions like light, electricity etc. are not thankful for any magic, but the biggest leap has been taken is in the last 20 years. Computer, internet, smartphones, connectivity – could anyone would’ve thought of it sitting inside a temple and waiting for a phone to appear magically with a good internet connection? This is all a gift of science, from the minds that thought differently and thought enough to find their answers.


Along with jobs and opportunities in the field, it has provided a better lifestyle for people. The demand created by various sectors of science is such that it can accommodate the entire population. Each and every sector today requires it. Be it machinery or equipment, medicines, computers, banking or anything, it does run on science. People have accepted this and want their children to study this and eventually work for it. Moreover, schools have made it compulsory to study it till class 10th so that everyone is aware of basic sciences. So many technical or medical graduates work their entire life in this field and still, the work never ends. This is an evergreen field and therefore it science is an achievement in itself. All that being said about science, so is it time to bid goodbye to religion?

But what about Dharma and faith?

Isaac Newton has beautifully put forth, “Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion.”  Speaking of religion or spirituality now, the maximum youth is disconnected from this area. Unlike previous generations’ take on religion and science, the numbers in support of the former, now, is dropping exponentially.

Religion is more about philosophy and how things work when science doesn’t. Why people still cling on to hope when doctors have given up. Why people visit shrines and temples making their wishes. Miracles, magic, mysteries these are some things science hasn’t been able to answer yet. So the alternative answer that is being accepted since centuries is – spirituality. It is a belief that God exists and so do Karma and afterlife.


Science has tried multiple experiments but there is still no explanation that can be blindly believed like a formula or a composition. Religion is all about belief and faith, and a feeling or an emotion can never really be justified. The believers argue that religion gives them strength and positivity. Psychologically, this is one of the many reasons why people follow religion since the beginning of time. Because God is more than just a hypothesis, it is hope.

Relgion Vs Science, or Religion and Science?

Russell M Nelson penned down, “There is no conflict between religion and science. Conflict only arises from incomplete knowledge of either science or religion.” This is not the first time someone has been comparing the two of the most inseparable things nor will it be the last. But how about giving up our ego on winning the one-sided argument and thinking about an amalgamation of the two working together.

If we try to create a blend of the two, there is nothing wrong or better in any. For example, if an ill person has to be taken to the hospital, you cannot wait for God to come down and heal him. But also at times, when doctors have given up, all you do is pray for something to magically happen, and mostly you do find a ray of hope. The superstitions or the orthodox backward practices of religion and even the over-reliance or dependence on science are the reasons for a downfall.


Being an agnostic atheist, its hard for me to accept a few things which require belief, but this is how it is! Some things just happen. I also have many experiences that science is right now not in a position to answer – A story for some other time. You do need formulas but you need faith too, you need explanations but need energy too. Can’t say about God, but it’s your belief that keeps you sane, your morals that lead you to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong, and if religion helps you achieve that, then why not! Want to believe in science or want to carry both religion and science, it’s your life, your choice! Cheers!


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