If humans were born out of contentment of the almighty and all he or she desired was to see earth glow like a peaceful land with no boundaries and detest whatsoever, well then the desire never reached the goal. Humans are the ultimate figure of disagreement. we are more focused on what we do not like than what we like. The laws and constitution played a vital role in bestowing humans with the ‘Right to Speech’ more like the right to get offended. Controversies are the figment of everyday life and they come in loads of varieties. A controversial topic can belong to any genre and holds the potential to ignite wars and conflicts. An act is not necessarily the only source of controversy, sometimes the wrong words or the wrong usage of the word can lead to the disruption of peace and an eruption of controversy. No matter how good an article is, it will get polarized amongst its readers. There have been countless cases where the written text of a writer garnered hatred from the reading audience. From the long list of controversial blogs here are the most controversial blogs of 2018.

1) The Homophobic blog post by Joy Ann-Reid

There are writers who do not consider the existence of two sides of the story and just write what they see or to be precise, what they want to see. MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid is known mostly for the notorious work she does use the simple 26 alphabets set. The recent excerpt from her mind which gained backlash from many was an article reflecting the instances of homophobia. However, she claimed to have been hacked and that those scornful words were rather of someone with the agenda of deteriorating her image. This would have slipped down the radar easily but this is not the first that Joy Reid has been accused of writing stupid and offensive content.

In November of 2017, she was pitched in some other controversy related to a blog for which she had to apologize. One of her old articles questioned the stand of U.S government on the conspiracy of 9/11 attack. She always finds the wrong frame to be in after writing irrational blogs.

2) Misandry in blogs by Russian Blogger Lyubov Kalugina

Misogyny is one of the most usual phenomena which breaths heavily on earth but misandry which means hatred towards men is rather a less comprehensive concept. A Russian feminist blogger, Lyubov Kalugina found herself in trouble after one of her blog posts was scrutinized and instances of jokes and memes on men incorporated in the blog surfaced.

She was criticized by the media as well as the government for spreading the smell of misandry in the air which she completely denied of. She is being prosecuted under the Russian law which prohibits the writers from using languages or acts which can trigger gender biasing or discrimination.

3) The controversial blogs of Sarah Jeong

Some people are born to fall in the pit of controversy time to time and Sarah Jeong is one of those dignities. She is a writer known for her sharp and resolute words. She is often recognized in the world of writers and readers as the woman with a spear of words ripping the culture of white-people-are-superior. She has spoken her mind over the superiority that white people make over others many times in past.

What turned everyone’s head was the news announced by the New York Times to hire her in as a member of the editorial board. This news immediately sparked the audience and they retreated with a series of questions on why she was pitched in for this role. NYT tried to defend their action while making comments that all of the previous tactics she did won’t be allowed here. She is still in the line of getting to work with the New York Times despite the backlash from the patrons.

Writing a blog is exciting and often emerges the elated soul immediately into happiness without giving even a second to think what if the blog will hurt someone. It is wrong to say that writers are those who speak their mind always because they do not and they can not. Controversial blogs create a bad image of the blogger but they do help in getting the traffic. It merely depends on the blogger what he/she wants, traffic or applause. There is a difference between a good controversy and bad controversy and it is important to understand the difference between the two.

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  1. I started a blog a few months ago, and am hoping to be controversial. It’s half whistleblower and half just a rant about everything that’s wrong in the world. My world. The world of Kelvin, a climate change bureaucrat, with nothing much to occupy my work-time. And I appreciate any feedback of any sort, even condemnation.

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