Social Media is an elephantine land of Entertainment, Education, and  Business. Whenever the human soul starts drifting to boredom, the mind catches the train to Social Media and ‘voila’ amusement at fullest is achieved. However, sometimes social media broils posts which trigger controversies and a huge drama emerges out of it. 2018 is almost on the verge of ending and these past months have seen many provocative stories. Social media started burning with rage due to many posts and some of the famous controversial social media posts of 2018 are tabled below.

1) The Worst attempt by Snapchat to joke Domestic Violence

After Snapchat pulled itself out of the previous controversy related to bad-mouthing Indian Economy, yet another post dragged it back into the pit of criticism. The story is related to the 2009 domestic violence case which was linked to music Superstars Rihanna and Chris Brown. Apparently, Snapchat posted an ad for a game where the player is popped with a question phrased as ” Whether you will punch Chris Brown or slap Rihanna?”. This imbecilic move of Snapchat pissed off the Rihanna Fans and people in general. In the end, Snapchat had to officially apologize for their actions.

2) RuPaul’s Controversial Social Media Posts – Trans-phobic statements

RuPaul is a famous drag queen who had his own spin-off show on T.V. He has a huge fan following, but what he ostensibly lacked while giving an interview for The Guardian in the month of March this year was a sense of speaking. He reportedly said that Trans-Women should not compete in Drag race if they have had the surgery beforehand. His irrational views on Trans-women bagged him a lot of censure on Twitter and other social media platforms.

3) The female version of Doritos by Pepsi

Pepsico had to face stricture in 2017 for the Kendall Jenner starring commercial but that is a history. Pepsico triggered another controversy and this time, a gender-based. On the Podcast of  Freakonomics Radio, Pepsico said that they think Lady Doritos can be a good idea for a new product since women do not enjoy the usual Doritos as men do. When these words traveled the journey on Social media, some people started making jokes and some criticized against the stupid idea of gendering even the snack. Pepsico finally came up with a statement clarifying their stand and stating that they do not plan to introduce any such item on the market.

4) Logan Paul and the dead man video

Logan Paul is fairly a Youtube star along with being an American actor. He is one of those who started the trend of vines and his legacy has made him a known face in the Entertainment industry. However, he is not always good or right. He shared his time of backlash from the audience when he posted a video featuring a man who had committed suicide. His video was marked as insensitive and even Youtube had to face the pelted stones along with him for allowing such content. In response, Youtube temporarily suspended his channel.

5) Vero- The Application with Misogynistic features

To those who don’t know what Vero is, It is an application which manages social media posts in chronological order for easy accessing. This application was launched in early 2015 but was not so popular and then in early 2018, it was heading towards a  promising start. Nevertheless, a curious mind went deep into the structure and management of this app only to learn that there is only 1 woman against 26 men in the core team of this App. This infuriated the Instagrammers and Facebook users and in no time the app which was glistening with success was covered in dirt.

Even though Controversies are the wrong type of delicacies to have, they do not harm the appetite every time. A little controversy surmounting the post leads to publicity and more traffic. Many big fishes in the business of controversial Social media posts use controversy to gain attention and earn for their business.

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