Women's 1950's Fashion in 2018 - Content Raj

Some things never go out of fashion, neither does the fashion trend of 1950. 1950’s fashion continued to influence today’s lifestyle. Not only can you observe the comeback of 50’s in today’s clothing style but also in hairdo and makeup. After experimenting and designing with a variety of clothes and patterns, it is observed that 2018 fashion designers are switching their designs by getting inspiration from history.

1. Dresses

Dresses in fashion shows nowadays are unpadded, rounded shoulders, shapely bust lines, closely defined waistline and billowy sleeves. All these patterns belong to 1950’s feminine wardrobe. Not only for summer and casual attire, but women working in offices are also observed to adopt old fashion culture. Also, blouse with pants or short skirts are the new preferences of office going women. They often compliment this look by wearing short jackets as worn in the late 1950’s. Further, long slim fit dresses have also returned.  Moreover, girls nowadays are getting their dresses designed in the old V-shaped neck style or with wide collars.

2. Dress Patterns

Apart from just designs, fabric patterns are now also associated with the fifties. Polka dots design was the supreme and the most loved design back then. Nowadays, they’re blown out and all over. Celebrities like Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, and Undercover have all embraced that returning shape.

3. Cardigans

Furthermore, cardigans are also welcomed with open arms in today’s world. The length of the skirt which decreased to reach thigh is going back below to knee like worn before. Keeping clothing aside, girls prefer carefully dressed hair which gives the vibe of era 50’s. Allison Williams in Oscar proved the power of old hairstyles by flaunting it in style.

4. 1950’s Fashion Accessories and Preferences

Head accessories like hairbands, hats, silk scarves and horn-rimmed glasses of 50’s are getting promoted by fashion influencer in all social media platforms. Retro parties and retro-themed fashion shows are playing a major role in transforming a wardrobe. Fabric preference of that time included Velvet, tulle, silk, and satin.

Undoubtledly, fifties dresses portray women to be mature and glamorous.  It is the only reason why this trend is returning back and people are giving it a warm welcome. You can dress by changing a few elements to give yourself a trending look. The representation of 1950’s fashion lies from the plus size vintage dresses pattern.

So, if you’re looking forward to turning your wardrobe like 50’s, get yourself some printed and knee length dresses. Use halter neck, shirt-button or square necklines to show off your collarbone. Prefer polka dots print and gingham print to stand out with style. Dark blue, dark brown and charcoal colors should be your preference. Highlight your waist with a thin belt. It’s time to use outdated fashion to outshine now. Flaunt your fashion style with floral prints, vintage colors, and checks. Prove that old is gold by complementing yourself with the good old retro lady look!