Windows 10 theme descriptions- Content Raj
  1. Starry Sky theme

Painted in shades of black and blue, the sky can never fail to surprise us. And adding to its beauty, the glittering stars putting on their shimmer and making the dark sky gleam. Isn’t it aesthetically pleasing to see the clouds shadowing the sun and the light blue colour slowly fade away giving way to the dusk? With Windows 10 themes, it is a piece of cake to view the most flawless wallpaper themes of all time. With mountains, rivers, sunset, and starlight it is sure to leave you spellbound with the splendid beauty of nature. And nature, truly a work of art!

  1. Muay Thai theme

“Fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Woven around the virtues of practice, perseverance, and purpose, these wallpaper themes are strong enough to give you an adrenaline rush. Covering the close up as well as the long shot portraits, it has beautifully portrayed the essence of Muay Thai. This desktop theme impeccably expresses the dauntless; full of dedication and grit. Windows 10 themes like these will surely make your blood rush with conviction and obstinacy towards your goal.

  1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution theme

There’s a lot of stress, but once you get into the car, all that goes out of the window. Mitsubishi is not only known for its exceptional engineering but the way it creates an image of success. The cars we drive says a lot about us. And Mitsubishi has been a pioneer in this field, helping us stand out from others. It’s brisk and swift speed is appreciated worldwide. That is why these Mitsubishi desktop themes effortlessly put together the thrill of driving a car and the success of owning it. The exquisite locations along with the car quite nicely make a great wallpaper theme.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale theme

With battlegrounds, base building and resource gathering, this Windows 10 theme is surely very appealing for the gamers out there. Focussing on surviving the zombies and racing against the clock, its user interface is incredible. The animations, colour combinations, and characters have been given particular detail and intricately presented. This game makes an excellent desktop theme highlighting the challenges, obstacles, and problems one has to face before attaining victory. Especially put on board for the gaming generation, these wallpaper themes are going to equally overwhelm as the game.

  1. Shadow Tactics Blades of Shogun theme

Revolving around the plot of war, instability and an attempt to attain peace, this video game incorporates a real-time gameplay. With Samurai’s, warlords and Shogun, the story of the game involve escaping the enemies and the difficulties to unlock the achievements that will take you to the end of the mission. Hayoto, Tuki, Mugen and Aiko, the main characters are worth a good appreciation. With this windows 10 theme, it creates an aura of gaming in the air. Using strategies, plotting plans and making way through the difficulties, the desktop theme is way too beautiful to astound you.

  1. Your Name theme

Based on the Japanese romantic fantasy drama film, these anime characters are quite precisely designed. Expressing the emotions of love, separation, and pain, these Windows 10 themes will make a brilliant cover. In colours of pink and blue, this is to appeal the high school children who look up to the stories which relate to them. The show also incorporates a musical track and how perfectly it creates a blend between choosing the right characters, colours, and music. For beautiful created animated wallpaper themes, it is no wonder spotless.