6 Tips to create a solo podcast – I also learned them recently!

Notion page of Market Pod podcast showing documentation of the process - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Podcasting is one of the most enjoyable things a marketer can do (at least professionally)!

Plus, it was THE HYPE in 2023 and is still going strong in 2024. And I am very positive that this curve is gonna stay uptrend for a while…

So, I also started my solo podcast channel – Market Pod on Spotify for Podcasters. And I didn’t want to hire anyone so I could understand the entire process and explore the nitty-gritty of it first-hand.

70% of my time weekly goes into providing marketing strategy consultation. So, there is not much time left because I have to do lead-gen activities for Yersong Digital, learn and test new tools, and obviously create music (just because I love it)!

Still, I was able to create 4 podcasts within 30 days. And these podcasts are all 30+ minutes. So, basically, I didn’t take the short and quick route.

4 Episodes of Market Pod Podcast by Yersong Digital on Spotify

That being said, let me share a few takeaways and tips you can also incorporate to create a solo podcast!

Let’s start with the Podcast setup!

I am a musician and have been a vocalist/ singer/frontman during my college time. So, I know a thing or two about microphones. There are plenty out there in the market starting from just ₹1500 (approx. $20) and those are good enough to start.

In fact, I have not upgraded my mic – Neewer NW-1500 which I bought back in 2016 when I wanted a decent condenser mic just to record and hear myself in my hostel room (for Western audiences, these are your dorm rooms). And I have been rocking this bad boy ever since!

Newer NW-1500 condenser microphone - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Next in line is the Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) DAW that helps connect this mic and get me the best out of it! Right now, it is connected to my sit-stand desk using a double-sided tape but this little fella does everything you need it to do!

Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

In the same image, you can also see a glimpse of my very early-stage prized possession, the love of audiophiles (who don’t have enough money) – Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.

Apart from that, I am using a Macbook Air M1 as my primary laptop, and GarageBand software to record and edit the audio. And that’s pretty much it for the equipment!

Now, let’s talk about the Podcast Creation Process

Well, initially, I was not sure what sort of podcast I should create. It was 2nd week of December 2023 and in my mind, I wanted to create a more full-proof podcast.

Also, I watch a lot of podcasts like Joe Rogan, Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett, WVFRM Podcast by MKBHD team, WTF is with Nikhil Kamath, Jordan Peterson podcast, Club Random podcast by Bil Mahar, just to name a few.

If you haven’t heard them, you really should!

But if you are aware of the above shows, you would have figured out the issue with my approach already!

For those who didn’t here it is – I am a fan of podcasts in which multiple people have conversations. And I wanted to do a solo podcast! I didn’t see it at that time but here’s the story:

So, the first podcast I tried was about – Navigating Digital Marketing Trends in 2024. I just used Copy.ai to generate a few questions for myself, then asked Google Bard to generate some more and that was it – my entire so-called “script”.

And after I was done recording and listening to my podcast, I knew I had made a cardinal mistake – I had not scripted it! Duh!!

After all, there is a reason why all the ‘Late night shows’ are scripted (for non-western Audiences, do check shows by Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, or Seth Myers, you will know!)

The point is – my 1st podcast was TERRIBLE, just all over the place. There were too many ummm… ahhh…. so… and…. and it just didn’t sound good. Period! But I uploaded it anyway promising myself that I wil improve in the next one!

So, with that segue, here is:

Tip #1: Don’t make the mistake of doing an impromptu podcast

Have a good script. If you can write the script all the way, and you are a natural teleprompter reader, knock yourself out! Just do it!

You are doing a solo podcast anyway and while doing this, you will be able to spend the majority of your time researching. Plus, the end result of this approach is really good as you can see in my 4th podcast – 8 Steps and Checklist to find the best marketing consultant!

I am actually proud of how far I have come in terms of learning and creating a good product… but I am too far from success, right now!

Tip#2: Let everyone know that you are recording a podcast

Just before recording, if you are working from home, let everyone know that you are recording and it would be best to not use a drill machine, or knock on the door, or call your cell for some time! Well, I don’t think I need to explain that further.

And yeah, put your phone on silent. Yes, both of them… and your smartwatch!

Talking from experience!

Tip#3: Prepare podcast intro/outro

Create a really good intro and outro the very first time you create your podcast. The best part is – it’s a one-time activity and you can re-use them over and over again!

I topped it up with royalty-free music called ‘Rise’ that I downloaded from Pixabay Music. In addition to this tip, keep the files in a separate folder.

Podcast File documentation - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Let me tell you why.

Because for some podcasts, you might like the intro music to fade out a bit later when you have already started the main content.

And at times, you would want to start the outro music a little bit before you end the main content before the outro kicks in. So, prep for that flexibility beforehand.

Image of podcast audio files being edited in garageband - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Tip#4: Use AI podcast tool like Adobe Podcast

You don’t have to master your audio if you don’t want to.

If you zoom in on the last photo, you will see the term ‘enhanced’ written at the last. That is basically me using Adobe Podcast AI’s Enhance feature!

This tool just makes your audio feel like a professional podcast! Adobe claims that it uses AI to clean up audio and it also has a fine tuner that lets you adjust how quiet you want your enhanced audio to sound!

Strength adjuster from adobe podcast AI - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Tip#5: Document and archive your podcast process

And finally, document your work. I use Notion + Google Drive to do it. Just create a page there!

Write down your solo podcast script, and your brainstorming process.

For large files, you can upload them on Google Drive and have a link in Notion.

Another advantage of this operation is – it also works as a fail-safe, just in case you are like me who accidentally deletes important files ALL THE TIME!

Notion page of Market Pod podcast showing documentation of the process - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Tip#6: Have some sort of podcast distribution plan!

Once you are done with the final audio, prepare a good description with all the relevant links in it, and make sure that you connect your RSS feed with multiple platforms for distribution on all the major podcast platforms.

And obviously, share it with your personal contacts, friends, and accomplices. If you want, you can share it on social media handles as well.

I have not done the latter YET because I want to create a repository of at least 10 podcasts but again, that’s a personal choice!

List of podcast channels that can be connected with Spotify for podcasters - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

Goes without saying and that’s why I won’t put a number against it! But once in a while, check what your podcast analytics look like!

it will surely work as a motivation for you to keep going!!

Spotify for Podcasters analytics dashboard - Content Raj. Copyright © 2024 Yersong Digital Private Limited

I know there are tons of more things I can do to make my podcast better. I should create better thumbnails, increase the frequency of posting, share it on social media, etc. And I WILL do all of them for sure!

But at this point in time, I am focusing on keeping this process consistent and focusing more on ideas and scripts i.e. perfecting the art of podcast creation! Basically, I am going back to my roots – copywriting!

And with that, you have all the tips to create a solo podcast! I wish you the very best!!