India is undoubtedly one of the most diverse countries in the world. The different cultures and traditions beautifully intertwine to form a place where everything exists in a mismatched order. Indian fiction is pretty much the same. Famous for its rawness and the intelligible way it deals with everyday phenomena of human life, it will definitely give you a taste of what life actually is, as absurd as it may sound!

For all the readers out there who love fiction mixed with facts, Indian fiction is your ultimate destination and Indian authors your ultimate journey! Famous for weaving magic with their words, Indian writers will always surprise you with stories which mix fiction, facts, psychology, philosophy, history and various other aspects beautifully and with utmost elegance and intelligence.

Here is the list of top 9 Indian fiction authors you must read if you love reading about real life!

1. R.K. Narayan


R.K. Narayan’s lucid, creative mind helped him imagine a whole fictional village, Malgudi, where he based his stories on the lives of individuals who are just like us. Be it ‘Guide’ or ‘Swami and Friends,’ Narayan knows how psychology works with children and adults. Read him to find out what pre-independent India looked like and relate your childhood to that of his characters to feel the ultimate bliss of reading.

2. Vikram Seth

One of his most famous and longest works, ‘Unsuitable Boy’ is a benchmark he created with his undefeatable literary genius. Vikram Seth is a master of genres, he can write any genre and they all will be equally enjoyable to read. His style is easy and entertaining. Read him to know what contemporary India is in all its ironical glory.

3. Arundhati Roy


Is this name even a surprise? The Manbooker Prize winner is one of the most famous and talented Indian fiction authors you must read at least once! Her most famous work, ‘The God of Small Things’ will teach one about how small things have a huge impact on our lives. Read this novel by her to know what importance small things have in your life and other.

4. Mulk Raj Anand


He was the pioneer of Indian writing in English. His stories are satirical and will give you a fair idea about what pre-Independent India was actually like. His writing will feel like home to all the readers because of his style and direct translations of local-language slangs. Read him to familiarize yourself with the very beginning of the era of Indians writing in English.

5. Anita Desai


Anita Desai will take you on a ride which will enthrall you completely. Her famous novel, ‘In Custody’ will show you the side of Delhi you never knew existed. Her powerful female characters will bring feminism to you in its purest form. There is no reason why Anita Desai doesn’t deserve the status she possesses. She indeed is one writer who can make you forget where you are when you read her.

6. Rabindranath Tagore


No list of Indian fiction authors can be complete without this genius writer. Be it his poems in ‘Geetanjali’ or his other short stories, Tagore created magic with his words and ideas. His beauty lies in the sublime way he expresses his thoughts and that’s why one should read him, just to understand the transcending life we all live.

7. Premchand


He wrote in Hindi, but most of his stories are available in English. His short stories and novellas dealt with harsh realities and little joys of life. He presented life in its truest form, as a conflict. His stories will enthrall you and make you think of every possible aspect of life, in a way you never thought you could before.

8. Khushwant Singh


He is probably the only writer among all Indian fiction authors who takes down his thoughts on paper as they without any fear of censorship. His stories are bold and give one a perspective which can both surprise and scandalize. His famous book, ‘Train to Pakistan’ tells a compelling story of the India-Pakistan partition and how it affected the people. He is one writer who writes fiction which is very close to real life.

9. Jhumpa Lahiri


She is a pioneer who paved way for many others. She is brilliant in everything she writes. Her famous book, ‘The Interpreter of Maladies’ is a beautiful book which describes the conflict between two cultures; Indian and American. Her writing is elegant and will keep you on the edge, but so peacefully you won’t realize it. Read her to come face to face with complexities of life.

These are just a few Indian fiction authors who represent the diversity in Indian literature and its evolution over time. They are beautifully complex and will be a great read, undoubtedly.

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