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Classic novels are some of the most difficult yet intriguing works of literature. Everyone has at least one favourite classical writer that they have read or want to read at some point of time in future.

And even if there are no favourites, there is always a fascination with them. A lot of modern-day readers and writers who read contemporary literature are fascinated with classical literature, mostly because of the sheer excellence of it and the knowledge it inculcates. Reading classics can be a huge advantage as it is not only about reading but also gaining knowledge.

Classical literature can be difficult or even boring for some to read, but there is always a way to start. Below are listed some of the best classic writers today’s reader can read to get a taste of what classical literature is all about.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare - Content Raj

Shakespeare is the greatest English dramatist of all times. His name is known all over the world and his works have made its way to the formal education, at all levels all over the world.

Shakespeare’s dramas and sonnets are some of the most comprehensive works of literature one can read.

Be it tragedies like Macbeth and Hamlet or Comedies like Twelfth Night, Shakespeare mastered all genres. And more than that, he mastered the human psychology.

Shakespeare’s works are universal and famous because they deal with human emotions very swiftly. They offer a great chance for introspection and study of one’s own emotions. Shakespeare is one of the most important classic writers whose works were, are and will always stay relevant.

 Thomas Hardy

 Thomas Hardy - Content Raj

One of the most melancholic and philosophical writers, Thomas Hardy is a must read for all those who want to understand how melancholy works in literature.

Hardy was a realist writer whose themes revolved around maturity and lucky & chance. Hardy’s works are very insightful when it comes to an understanding of the growth of a person. There is an ample amount of tragedy too to give the story a depth.

Hardy is relevant to today’s readers because of its exploration of human growth and many social scenarios which still prevails in our society. Reading Hardy can be a bit boring for those love entertainment but it is totally worth it.

Jane Austen

This is another one of the most famous and eternal names in the world of Literature. Jane Austen published a total of 7 novels, out of 2 were published posthumously. Austen also published some short stories.

She is one of the greatest female writers whose novels satirically attacked all that is wrong in our society. She is one of the most relevant writers today and a must read for all modern-day readers because of her ideas and concerns which still prevail in our society.

Her writing is highly feministic and she questions every right and wrong of the society equally. Her satires and style of writing are the reasons why her novels are enjoyed by everyone equally.

She has been wrongly generalized as a Romantic writer, which doesn’t do any justice to her or her works, which are nothing less than literary jewels.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens - Content Raj

Charles Dickens is considered to be the greatest writer of the Victorian Era. His works are some of the greatest fictions in the world and his characters are some of the most memorable characters ever created in the history of Literature.

He is someone whose works can be enjoyed by all readers of all age groups. His stories which revolved around poor economic-social backgrounds, and characters that can be easily considered repulsive, to say the least, are easy to read and fun to imagine.

His humour and satire will undoubtedly appeal to the modern-day readers. Dickens was a master of incorporating realism in his stories mixed with comedy, which makes his work really relatable and overall universal in nature.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde - Content Raj

Oscar Wilde mostly wrote short stories highly sarcastic in nature. He is one of the greatest short story writers in the world whose works are deeply psychological and surrounds many taboo topics of yesteryears and now like homosexuality, etc.

Wilde experimented with comedy, poems, novels, novellas, and dramas, all of which were influenced heavily by the philosophy of aestheticism. He explored themes like hedonism, narcissism, etc. in his works, making them universal.

Wilde wrote satires against society and gained harsh criticism for it too. But, his literary genius is still unmatched and can’t be replaced. Reading Wilde for a modern-day reader will be an easy yet elaborate ride of learning and introspecting.


Classic writers are still relevant today because of their universal and intelligible ideas. Their writing talent is unmatched and their literary genius unparalleled. To a modern-day reader, they are just as relevant because of the insight and knowledge they provide them with.