A plugin is nothing but a useful software which allows you to extend functionality and add new features to the already existing ones. WordPress plugins offer a number of options to make your work easier. Let’s go through 11 of our top picks:

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam

As the name suggests, this plugin saves you from the constant comment spamming. It is a machine learning algorithm which basically provides comment spam filtering service.

  • It helps in comment moderation which can save you a couple of hours
  • Will catch the spam comments and remove them from the queue

It is something every blogger needs to have, especially the popular websites because spam comments occupy more than half of the total comments due to which one might skip the legitimate ones.

  1. Jetpack

The answer to all your design, marketing and security concerns blended in one place. It is recommended by WordPress, Bluehost and other big names.

  • Allows you to customize your homepage the way you want
  • It schedules posts itself and keeps visitors interested
  • Attack protection and malware scanning

If a single plugin can allay your work in three possible areas, it is definitely a must install.



  1. WP Super Cache

A static caching tool, this will speed up your WordPress by generating static HTML files.

  • Delivers the pages without accessing the database which provides excellent speed
  • Since it does not run PHP heavy codes, static HTML is easier to generate

When there is a lot of traffic on your blog, or even if you need to speed up your WordPress, you cannot go about without this plugin.



  1. bbPress

This plugin provides an easy way to add a forum on the WordPress website.

  • Works with most of the WordPress themes
  • Easy to integrate unlike other open source software

Since forum adding is a tough job, adding this plugin will bid adieu your worries.



  1. Contact Form 7

This plugin makes it a cakewalk to add a contact form to your website.

  • It is simple to integrate and flexible

Since it helps your visitors to communicate with you, it is a great way to build a conversation.



  1. Yoast SEO

It is one of the best SEO plugins which provides a solid toolset that will help you achieve your search results.

  • Works well for both visitors and search engines
  • Helps in attaining the top search result

Who doesn’t need their page to be visible at the top? Yoast SEO is a great deal in such cases.



7. Gutenberg

An editor that comes with customization, this plugin will help you create a rich post layout.

  • You must know HTML and CSS, and it is a piece of cake for you beyond that
  • Provides a great editing experience

Works best when you are a creative head who likes to keep your blog your own way.

8. Two-Factor

Adding two-factor authentication to your website, it backs you up with SMS verification.

  • Two-step SMS verification followed by the Google authenticator app method in case of fallback
  • Protects your security concerns

It is a great option which adds two layers of security to the already existing ones.

9. Translate WordPress with GTranslate

Adding the multilingual functionality to your website, this plugin uses Google translate.

  • Works with 103 languages which will cater to all the users worldwide
  • SEO compatible and will increase international traffic

It is easy to implement and will make your website available to a vast audience. Since it comes with human and automatic translations, it will help you reach out to the world out there.

Don’t worry, your speakers are just fine!

Everything online is one way or the other to make life easier. And if you are a WordPress user, these plugins will help you walk an extra mile!

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