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Laws help run the place. It is absolutely essential to have your laws in place for the smooth functioning of the country. It is also equally important to enforce these laws. Most of them make sense, but there are a few laws that make you question their existence. What could have possibly happened for this law to be put in place? Here are 6 strange US laws that are still in effect as we speak today.

1.      Moose-t Efficient

Let’s start with a simple and sensible one. In Alaska, if you kill a moose or any other big game animal, you must not let it’s meat go to waste. You must salvage the meat so people can eat it. It is pretty straightforward and easy to understand why this among along with other irrelevant US laws is in action, so let’s hop on to the next one.

2.      It won’t be Frog-given

In California, It is illegal to lick or a eat a toad. You read that right. More specifically, it is illegal to lick the Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius). This specific toad secretes a venom containing bufotenine, which causes hallucinogenic effects when ingested. Bufotenine, being a controlled substance in the States, was now used by people wanting to get high. However, the venom secreted is a natural defense the toad has against its predators, meaning it is meant to be harmful.  In conclusion, some people started licking frogs to get high and got really sick, to the point where they required medical attention, making it illegal to lick the Colorado River Toad in California.

3.      Betty Can Only Buy Bits of Better Butter

In the state of Iowa, they don’t tolerate fake butter. According to the law, imitation butter can be sold only under the name of oleomargarine and cannot be described by the words “butter”, “creamery”, or “dairy”. On top of that, it cannot have pictures of cows or any dairy cattle. Margarine was straight up banned in Iowa until 1953. Since margarine is cheaper than butter, restaurants would pass it off as butter and save money. False advertising led to the creation of this law. The next law prevents a lot of advertising opportunities too.

4.      Garage Sales Drop

In the state of Missouri, you can only hold a garage sale twice a year. These garage sales can only be held between the 7 am and 8 pm, and cannot last longer than 3 days. So you can’t set up your own shop in your backyard and start making money by selling products. You are also not permitted to sell items purchased with the intent of or for resale. You cannot advertise this sale by sticking fliers or signs onto public property either, and signs placed on private property must be removed on or before the last day of the sale.

5.      The Show Must Go On

In Montana, if you start singing, or performing on stage, you have to finish it. You cannot stop midway. The most interesting case of this was one in 1987, where a burlesque dancer by the name of Jimmy Lee Laedeke was initially convicted for an entirely different reason. His show was interrupted by a police officer arresting him for a misdemeanor, and he ended up being charged for that too. This is a peculiar case since enforcing a law made him break a law too. If you thought this was strange, wait for the next one.

6.      Sandwiches and Drinks vs. Honking

In the state of Arkansas, pronounced Ar-kan-saw, one cannot honk at or near sandwich shops. More specifically, Section 18-55 of Little Rock’s Code of Ordinances states that “No person shall sound the horn on a vehicle at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9 pm.” Why this law is in action is something beyond us. You can honk all you want before dinnertime, but not after. Hey, at least you can peacefully have your sandwich and a glass of cold drink in peace after 9.

A Recap of Bizarre US Laws

  • If you hunt for fun, avoid Alaska.
  • If you want to lick toads, avoid California.
  • For peaceful dinners, Arkansas is your friend.
  • You cant ditch people mid karaoke session in Montana.
  • You can’t have a little yard sale throughout the year in Missouri
  • You won’t be cheated on the legitimacy of butter in Iowa.

Now that you know about these US laws, you might want to relocate according to your tastes. Just don’t break any laws!

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