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Which religion do you belong to?

Disclaimer: I respect your choice, so better respect mine or thanks for visiting!

The Definition

A simple google search will tell you, “Religion is the belief in and worshipping of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or Gods”. When you break this definition down, you’ll understand the first word states that it is nothing practical or in real existence, it is just a belief. Observing further, you’ll see that ‘it is a superhuman controlling power’, it lacks realism and it is just an idealistic or notional idea, yet people have blind faith in it. Religion sounds more like a fictional concept. This fictional concept plays a major role in manipulating human activities, that has disturbed the mindset of people.

When I was writing about this and analyzing the same, I wondered why does it even exist because it has a heavy drawback and people can observe this drawback with their naked eyes. Are you fooling yourself by being blindfolded, or do you not realize what is doing to us?

God-made VS Human-made?

Humans vary in color, body, sex, language, nature; these bases for differentiation are acceptable (not saying labeling them) because they are “God-made” features varying from person-to-person. These differences and uniqueness make up the identity of an individual. But apart from these natural differences, we have divided people on grounds of castes and religion.

The “god-made” differentiates our identity, value, and uniqueness, but man-made differences divide us, on the basis of standards. Practices like untouchability and slavery are all man-made disasters.

Religion, Stupidity, and Inhumanity

When I finished the last paragraph, I wrote about a few bad practices existing because of religion like untouchability and slavery. Let me favor my statement by putting more shreds of evidence to this.

  • According to a detailed study of 1998, 140 instances of deaths of children due to religion-based medical neglect because they were faith healing.

(Faith healing is especially a Christian practice where they believe their prayers have the ability to heal people, so, they outright neglect medical help. And they actually risked and took a life in 140 instances because of their belief and faith.)

  • In the name of love jihad, Muslim men marry Hindu women and ask them to convert themselves in Islam in order to increase the population of Islam and then marry another Muslim woman (Islam permits 3 marriages)
  • Animal slaughtering is a ritual of religion like Judaism and Islam

(Animal slaughtering means sacrificing animals’ life in order to complete ritual)

  • The mass killing of Jains by Buddhism is also one of the most controversial incidents. Around, 18,000 Jainism followers were killed for disrespecting Buddha.

All these arguments point towards just one fact – Religion is absolutely unrelated to God. Because if its true that God made humans, then God never wanted their children to kill each other. But then what is a religion for?

Devotion or Fear?

Religion is primarily based upon fear which takes human to their ultimate destination. There should be a means to reach the goal of their life, so they made religion as their medium. Just because they believe that if they commit any wrong, God will punish them, they don’t. Different religions offer different things to their God as a bribe, in return, they ask to protect them against all odds. Again, fear!

They just need fear to push themselves in order to obtain something. Fear can push you but cannot let you get your goal. Fear of anything is just a state of mind that people use in the name of religion but they forget that fear is the root of cruelty, therefore it is no wonder if religion and cruelty go hand in hand.

Buddha Wasn’t a Buddhist!

Jesus wasn’t a Christian!

Mohammad wasn’t a Muslim!

Those who asked to follow love were proclaimed as Gods. Battles are fought using their names. Their words are twisted to spread hatred. Their psychology to persuade people to follow the correct path has been changed to methods of unethical manipulation. So, yes with that being said, I rest my case.

Being an agnostic atheist, I believe that everyone has a belief to follow, and one’s belief cannot be changed by force, but only through logic. Well done to our sages. On a different note, we can also say that religion was a well thought operational structure designed by the then philosophers to streamline the development procedure. Whatever it is, Good Luck with your Religion, or should I say your belief because I respect your choice, and only expect you to return this one favor because I choose to bid goodbye to Religion!

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