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It is believed that by 2020, more than 90% of people in the world will be using a mobile phone. And if 90% of the world has the device to reach out to them, then why wait any longer for anything another than a good old SMS notification? With such a prediction, SMS communication comes into picture which is one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to their prospective customers.  And with Buyumo, the struggle to reach out to your target audience is on them.

1. What is Buyumo? How can it help?

Buyumo, an application available on Shopify, puts together the creativity and marketing to turn your visitors into long-term customers. You are free to choose your timings, weather conditions and content depending on the type of target audience you have. Feed in your customer data and within minutes, your message is delivered. It works the best when you want to spam sudden offers or giveaways which can skyrocket your customer response.

2. Let’s talk numbers

A survey concluded that within five minutes of waking up in the morning, more than 1/3rd people check their phones. With an average of 50 times of checking their phones per day, everyone is tech savvy nowadays. This can be used as an opportunity to get through them via SMS Marketing which is both economically friendly for a business and provides the desired results. It also has a high conversion rate as 97% text messages are read within the first four minutes. 19% people click on a link in an SMS which suggests it is highly actionable.

3. SMS Notification over E-mail, sure?

But some people have an everlasting doubt of whether SMS Notifications over E-mail marketing or vice versa. Well, SMS Notifications work best as they do not require any internet connection. So even if your customer is trekking a mountain or scuba diving, if there is a network connection, you’ll reach to him. While 4G is a myth which is rarely found and internet connections might or might not work. And imagine you have a brilliant discount offer and your customer is struggling with an internet connection. That is why it is best to send an SMS, which reaches easily.

Not only this, it is usually cheaper than an e-mail and can be sent in a bulk very easily. Apart from this, it is usually short and crisp, so anyone can take out a minute to go through what’s written. In the other case, a three liner mail doesn’t look good and people hardly have time to go through a long one.

4. Focus on the content

E-mail marketing has its own advantages and results which cannot be overlooked, but let’s keep our focus on how SMS Marketing is a great choice for your business. Some things to keep in mind while resorting to SMS Notification is to keep your message precise and concise, segment your target audience, don’t spam and choose the best timing involving the active hours. You can even incorporate a catchy phrase or witty humour. People love it. If all this is taken care of, your business is sure to boom and you will see your prospective customers changing into buyers very soon.

5. In a nutshell

It is essential to create a positive image of your company in front of your customer. Maintaining an open feedback and good service is the key. So make sure your message is informative, engaging and provides the complete details. Take time to create a good one and leave the rest to Buyumo. Happy texting!

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