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We always try to figure out different means to reduce our expenses, but while calculating that, we often miss our edible expenditure that can be optimized without compromising with quality. Further, additional expenses may include ordering online food, and this is where Grocery Flyers come into the picture.

Basic Expenses of Average Adult

Regular Expenses Irregular Expenses
·         Food: the basic requirement to survive

·         Rent

·         Recharge

·         Managing PF account

·         Entertainment

·         Transportation

·         Necessary products

·         Bills

·         Travelling

·         Buying new clothes and accessories

·         Medication if you fall ill

·         Self-maintenance

·         Gift

Some of the above expenses can be compromised but we can’t compromise on food. Thinking about going to the vegetable market (the price hike scares us more than anything else) and buying stuff make us yawn, and to save that energy on buying, we end up ordering food online. To save all these efforts and money, you can always opt out for the grocery flyers. Flyers are the safest option for fit to the pocket scheme.

How to plan the meals with the help of grocery flyers?


Compare and Contrast

Try to collect the grocery flyers which come generally in Sunday newspaper. Large supermarkets or SME (small enterprises) grocery stores offer a great discount. Compare the flyers and check the cheapest deals. Meanwhile, make a well-planned personalized food chart. Take all the master ingredients into consideration with a good meal planning system.

What Do You Need?


Try to opt for what looks good, fits the pocket according to your budget, tastes delicious, and is healthy. We all like reading good deals but apart from looking good, it should match up to your expectations as well. Before opting out, try to look for the things you already have, do not buy the things you already have even at the cheapest price.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

you can try to filter some of the products and combine them to make an actual meal. For example, you can cook chicken with ingredients such as curd, chilly, coriander, and garam-masala. Finally, with Grocery Flyers at your disposal, you can experiment with different recipes which have the least amount of ingredients to save you time as well as money.

So, this is how you can plan your meals with the help of Grocery Flyers, and save at least 1000-2000 bucks to use it for some other plans.

Stay smart, stay healthy!

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