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With our daily work-some life, sometimes the monotonous life lacks the warmth. Life should be vivacious and it always wants to go beyond the tiresome daily-life. Travel has always been the best option and probably beach therapy is the best therapy to cure the monotone. And the queen of beaches is none other than Goa, where the East meets the West and the sun-soaked beaches attract tourist-hearts along with the likes of the Western Ghats. Goa attracts lots of foreigners too as the Indian culture intertwines with the foreign cultures conveying a beautiful juxtaposition.

Here are the top nine must-visit places in Goa

  1. Calangute beach, the largest in Goa, is affectionately known as “Queen of Goa”. This is also among the top ten beaches of the world and certainly Goa’s first choice. The serene beach has lots of activities to offer. As one can opt out just for enjoying the sun-soaked sea lying down in the sand, one can also enjoy various water sports like kayaking, sailing here. The beach is just a few miles away from the Panjim Kadamba bus stand and very easy to reach.
  2. Another famous beach Baga beach is only a mile away, separated by some rocks from the Calangute. Baga beach is easily reachable from Calangute and is as amazing as the previous. Sunset and sunrise are always some mesmerizing experiences to have here. Baga is popular for its sea shakes and delicious seafood it offers there. Nightlife in Baga is much attractive than its days. Hottest nightclubs, party, drinks are enough to indulge some party-lover in.
  3. If one thinks that the beauty of beaches stops in the North Goa alone, he is quite wrong. South Goa also presents the majestic and serene context. Colva is one of the top beaches of South Goa. This very old beach is near Margao railway station and consists about 25 K.M. The prime beauty here is the fine powdered white sand along with the surrounding coconut palms.
  4. Scuba diving has been very popular in recent times and adds great flavour to a trip. Thus scuba diving at Grand Island, north Goa is must-do activity. The experience of thrilling and exciting wonders of the sea for an hour will stay life-long.
  5. One can think, Goa is about beaches only, it might not be his place; then he is quite wrong. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, dedicated to Francis Xavier and built out of black granite, is an exclusive combination of the Doric and Corinthian architects. The simplicity of this UNESCO world heritage is an eye dragger with its baroque architecture. It is Goa’s another must-be-explored places to be listed in Goa trip.
  6. Waterfalls are one of nature’s best gifts and Goa is not bereft of it. Dudhsagar waterfalls, the four tired waterfalls located in Mandovi River, is a part of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Trekking to the waterfall is a very popular activity here.
  7. Goa has adored the western culture and thus it’s India’s party-place. Therefore, one simply has to visit the clubs scattered all over in Goa. Tito’s street, just beside the Baga beach, hence attracts a lot of tourists who find their way after sundown. Tito’s street is a party-hub and must visit place for the party-lovers.
  8. Fort Aguada is another heritage standing stern from 1612 dividing the Sinquerium Beach and the Candolim Beach. Long history short, basically, Portuguese designed this fort to defend the Dutch and the Marathas. This fort is a perfect gateway to spend the hot afternoon after being sun-soaked at the beaches and it attracts tourists for its old beautiful Portuguese architect.
  9. In the crazy party like the context of Goa, one can hardly believe, there also exists a small, pristine, simple place like Divar Island. This is one of the most beautiful offbeat places of Goa, which pays off a rich, wholesome, home-like vibe. Tourist loving peaceful home-like spots must visit here as it offers an intimate soothing environment.   

Along with such popular places and activities, Goa has a long list of other places to offer. Reis Magos Fort, Spice Plantations visit, Butterfly beach, Todo falls, and Chapora River each possesses enough charm to pull one off.

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