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O’Hare Airport is one of the busiest airports in Chicago. A lot of connecting flights run through this point and therefore, it is essential to know some things about this airport; especially when you are traveling with kids. You can rent a car at O’Hare, enjoy good food and have a great time with your kids. Those glorious days of kid-free vacations of sudden plans and packing a quick bag while leaving for the airport might have been purely magical. But when you are with the family, it means extra responsibilities. But don’t sweat, O’Hare happens to be one of the best family airports.

1. Reach Before Time if You Plan to Board

Since it is one of the busiest airports and provided the slow pace of kids, it is advised to reach two hours prior to boarding a domestic flight and three hours when you have to board an international one. The exceeding formalities and check-in will leave the kids exhausted and they won’t be able to do the entire procedure in a hurry. So, keep a safe amount of buffer time and arrive early for a smooth start to your trip. Quick fact, if your kids are under 12, they need not worry about standing in security lines or taking off their shoes during a security check. These rules are truly helping family travelers take a deep breath and making travel a bit easier.

2. Don’t Cook and Carry

Parents tend to carry a lot of things as their kids might go hungry at any time and can start crying. Well, the airport has a lot of food joints, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect while at O’Hare. With family restaurants and many culinary joints, you’ll never run out of options to eat. So, whether boarding a flight or getting off one, you don’t have to give in to your hunger pangs.

3. Kids Entertainment Zone at O’Hare Airport

Kids Entertainment zone - O'Hare Airport - ContentRaj

  1. Remember Home Alone? The filming of a scene in that movie was a shot of the Hall of Flags in Terminal 3.
  2. There are innumerable flags hoisted there, each representing the country American Airlines serve. Children can count the flags, test their knowledge or simply brainstorm themselves.
  3. Kids on the Fly at Terminal 2 is another spot to burn off the excess energy kids carry all the time. They can play with a helicopter model or be their own aircraft inspector.
  4. If nothing of the two, your kid can play with dinosaur littles in a four-story-high Brachiosaurus skeleton model located in Terminal 1. You can walk around the model or visit a nearby bookstore to pass time with your kids.

4. Mother Rooms

Mother's Room - O'Hare Airport - ContentRaj

With unisex family restrooms present in each terminal, it can let you take a sigh of relief. Restrooms are spacious enough to carry a single stroller or carry-on luggage along with you. They are calm to provide a tranquil environment for breastfeeding moms that take care of their privacy and comfort.

5. Shopping Bliss

Shopping - O'Hare Airport - ContentRaj

  • Kids love to shop and while you have a lot of time already, you can double your kids’ happiness by shopping for them.
  • Corridors lined with restaurants and shops, you can finally get them their favorite toys to carry it with them through the journey.
  • Buy them food, shop them stuffed toys while you enjoy a glass of wine at Bubbles or Ice, located in the lanes itself.
  • And fun fact, if you aren’t able to finish your drink and it’s time for you to board the flight, the bartenders pour the drink for you in a cup and let you take it. Isn’t it amazing?

6. Rent a Car if you Have a Lot of Time

O'Hare Airport - Contentraj

If your connecting flight is flying the next day or your flight is delayed by say 6 hours, simply rent a car at the O’Hare airport, which is by the way really easy to do and take your kids on a quick visit to nearby places like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, InMotion Entertainment, Barbara’s Bookstore etc. The cherry on the top, isn’t it?

Well, O’Hare holds a lot for you and your family. Enjoy shopping, buy a few drinks, rent a car or simply stroll around because the place has a lot to offer!

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