The mind is the man’s best asset. It’s a paradox which creates problems and solves them. But even today people think twice before admitting that he or she is suffering from mental health issues.

Why is it so difficult to treat one’s mind as the other parts of the body? Recent reports say most of the world’s population suffer from mental illness. And the victims of mental health issues are mostly students.

Report of NAMI

According to a report by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), over 75% of cases where an individual suffers from mental illness takes its roots before the age of 24. 25% of students between 18 and 24 suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Anxiety and Depressions are the most common issues a student suffers from. The NAMI has also stated that 11% of college students have anxiety and 10% has depression.

Major Mental Health Issues

As the mind controls everything, slight problems in its working can lead to huge issues. Anxiety and Depression can motivate an individual to commit suicide. Apart from that mental conditions are responsible for a person’s behaviour. And sometimes, the behaviour can be harmful to the people around them.     

Stress can be a good reason for mental disorders. Statistics say 40% of college goers have admitted to being more than enough in stress during their last academic year.

Educational institutes should appoint a student counsellor for the benefit of the students. At the time of a mental crisis, all you need is a patient listener and a supportive friend. A counsellor fulfils that responsibility. 34.2% of students admit that although they have faced a mental crisis on campus, the authorities have no idea about it.


The number of suicides has increased considerably in the educational institutions, ranking the 3rd most popular cause for death in a campus. Hopelessness is a major reason behind it, and NAMI says 45% of college goers admit they feel hopeless and see no point of doing anything. Reports also say, 7% of young adults have seriously considered suicide as a way out, in the last year.

According to a survey conducted in the USA, 64% of college dropouts have cited depression as a factor working behind their decision. 17.6% deaths of college goers are suicides, says a report of WHO. The suicide rate of females is much more than their male counterparts.

These numbers are scary and are predicted to increase a lot by the end of the decade if not handled carefully. People need to be upfront about their problems and not be ashamed of asking for help. There are many educated individuals who think mental issues are something that can be sorted out on their own, some even term it as a millennial’s whim. It is not.

Call for Help

There is a phrase known as ‘call for help’. Many individuals desperately look for help before committing suicide. They look for someone or something to pull them back from the edge. If someone notices such signs timely, it can save lives. Like other illness, mental illness also has symptoms. These signs might be a loss of appetite, increased or decreased sleep, etc. It is important to consult a psychiatrist in such cases.

So, it is important to spread awareness among the common people and also the younger generation that there is nothing to be afraid of if you are suffering from mental turmoil. Let us help each other live a mentally sound life.