Writing a high-quality content is one thing and making it visible on the Internet is another. Both of these phenomena are the legs of the winning Website content. At no point in the process of curating the Website content, these two major principles of writing can be avoided.

Prior to the Addition of SEO writing to an article, it might just be a beautifully crafted piece of text wearing a cloak of invisibility. Once SEO is introduced in the excerpt, it increases the possibility of that Website content to land on the search engine result page. Below are the Content Strategies for High SERP Website Content Development.

1) Use proper structure for the Article/Blog

A well-structured website or the article enhances its power of imprinting the sense it carries on the reader. It is advised by the experts to always remain up-to-date while choosing a structure for the website or Blog as it is one of those points which makes reader attracted to the write up in an instance.

2) Use of Keyword in the URL

The very first link to the blurb is the URL of that page and adding the Primary keyword in it strengthens its place on the SERP. There is typically one keyword for an article and that is what needs the complete focus. For a better result, use hyphens rather than using the underscore.

3) Use words that are powerful in the title

Power words are those words which are generally used by the humans to depict their emotional stand for a topic. These can very well be called an adjective attached to the core Keyword. Examples of these words are, Experimentally, Weird, scientifically, etc. Since humans are sitting on the other end to search the topics, it is justifiable to use power words for more proximity.

4) Keep the mobile optimization in Mind

Most of the users these days are using cell phones for Internet search but not all the websites are created to serve the purpose of delivering the same experience like that on big screens, on the phone screens. This poses a problem for the owners of those websites or pages as Google keeps the user experience at utmost priority. Hence, it is advised to make the website/page optimizable.

5) Meta-Description really works for website content

A meta description is an abridge of the whole article/blog and is displayed right under the Title on the search engine result page. It should be short and yet enough explanatory to cover the crucial aspect of the topic.

6) Use of ALT for Images

ALT attributes are the attributes used in addition to the Image. Search engines fail to read the presence of an image in a piece of write up and hence ALT attributes are used instead. These attributes define what image is about and what it represents.

7) Add primary and secondary keywords

Every writer across the world know that SEO is largely associated with the usage of keywords. Primary keyword is generally just one and it is used multiple times in the whole write-up. Secondary keywords are used not a lot but are also beneficiary. For better result, search the word which is mostly used to represent a topic and then choose it as the primary keyword. Also, try to find a unique keyword for less fight on the SERP. Keep the keyword density in mind.

8) Check the Grammar and spelling

Quality of the content is related to the meaning it reflects as well as the construct used to create that meaning. Grammatical errors or the spelling errors create the dark rainbow around the article/blog and disorient the rationality present in it. There are many free tools available on the Internet for spell and grammar check, so use these tools before publishing any content.

9) Use simple vocabulary

Complicated vocabulary sounds classy and interesting but it is a point to note that most of the readers do not sit with a dictionary in hand when reading an Article or the Blog. Simple vocabulary can be as powerful as the hard vocabulary if used correctly.

10) Understand the target audience

It is a matter of fact that every topic is polarized and there is more than one facet of any topic. However, there always exist a group of readers more in number and the aim should be to attract that large number. Research well before writing on any topic and try to scrutinize the points that others will love to read.

By following the right techniques, you can build high SERP website content and make the most out of your creativity! Contact us or read other articles to know more about content writing with Content Raj

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