Search engine optimization or as we normally call it, SEO is a principle applied to the length and breadth of the article or the blog so as to brush it off with the visibility on the Internet. The fundamentals of SEO is very easy and is purely based on incorporating the right keywords in the text. SERP or Search Engine Result Page can be referred to as the other side of SEO. SERP typically returns the indexed web pages which the search engines, according to their algorithm, consider most relevant to the search query. The higher the SERP, more are the chances of your Creative Blog to find its audience.

How to be on SERP?

SERP is the ultimate stage of manifestation that every written text on the Internet wishes to end up on. There are three ways in which the article is included on SERP and all these ways are very distinctive in usage.

Manual Work: It is possible to insert the article manually into the search engine’s directory. It may sound like a task of a coder but it is as easy as searching for something on the web. All that it needs to be done is the visitation to the official links of the search engines where the manual submission of websites is accepted. It is quite popular these days as this practice reduces the chances for spam sites to surface on the internet.

Spider Program: Spider, also known as Crawler or Bot is a program designed to visit all the websites and analyze their data properly so as to create the keyword list depending upon the market status, and then strategically developing relevant and high SERP content.

Paying for Inclusion: Just like paying for the purpose of advertisement, paying for getting a place in a search engine result is also a very authentic approach. Using Google Adwords, many agencies and emerging businesses follow paid ad methods to spread their words out through paid ad campaigns.

10 Tips to write high SERP Creative Blogs

After knowing the importance of SEO in an article, it is essential to learn how it is included along with the methods like Copywriting in blogs and the Creative content writing. The list below gives the simple yet effective ways to help the Blog Writers as well as the Copywriters in building a high SERP blog.

1) Include a primary keyword which is most related to the topic and the theme of the blog. It is advised to use the root word of the concerning concept which closely represents the whole idea of the blog.

2) Choose the word which is not exceptionally uncommon but at the same time is known to the large mass of the society. It is better to research the word before putting anything out there.

3) Well written content is always the key. Even though SEO appreciates the blog which considers the demands of the search engines, the focus of the article should never shift from pleasing the human audience.

4) Choose the secondary as well as tertiary keywords for a stronger presence on the web. These words should be strategically inserted into the content.

5) Always stick to no grammar and no spelling mistake policy. An Error free article in even the worst case scenario will be loved by at least a few. However, an error full text is discarded by all.

6) Adding Inbound and Outbound links aid in the endeavor of achieving the high rate of SEO on the blog. An Inbound link is a link to a page of the same website which generally helps in further explaining a concept which may have been wrapped up in the original text. Outbound links are the links to the pages which are featured on other websites.

7) Use primary keyword in the title and also in the slug or the URL of the blog. This heightens the blog visibility for the Crawler or the Spiders. Furthermore, using proper image attributes for image optimization is equally important.

8) To make the blog easily accessible to the potential user, it is highly recommended to include proper tags and categories to the blog.

9) Once the blog is made live on the web, after a certain time, you must always check the progress of your blog. Check the working of SEO results using online tools like Alexa’s SEO checker.

10) Although there is no limitation to the length of a blog post. However, depending upon our readers’ average session duration and other analytical features, you can decide on the word-limit of your blog. For the initial stages of your creative blog posts, it is advisable to write a blog which is neither very long nor very short. The aim should be on covering all the aspects of the topic.

All these tips if followed will advance the blog and increase its existence in the circle of written text. Content Raj provides blog writing services in which every single blog and article is crafted while following all the aforementioned guidelines. For further query, let us know in the comments below, and to register for our content writing services, you can fill out our Contact Form.

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