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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered when you stopped being a human and started being a potato? Yeah, you should’ve just skipped that meaty, greasy, oily yet sinfully delicious burger yesterday and the day before and every single day before that. Most of us are also highly motivated to do nothing, in simple terms, we are all ‘lazy.’ So, what if we combine both and use our skill of laziness to lose the big paunch, yes the big belly over your tummy? For all of you, who hate the agony of strict diets and consider gyms as enter-at-your-own-risk zones, this is your best substitute. I mean even if you’re not a lazy person, it’s still worth a lazy shot!

Fix Your Posture, Young Lady!


On a daily basis, your posture matters a lot more than you think. Sitting and standing the right way itself will automatically pull your stomach in. So, be conscious the next time and you will see the results.

Tiny Plates, Great Mates!


When you eat a smaller quantity of food from a smaller plate, your brain is automatically tricked into believing that you are full. Well, this method is actually backed by psychological proof. If I were you, I’d rely on this one for sure.

Be Lazy and Beat the Stress…


Did you fight with your significant other or did you have a terrible day at work? Then you are sure to catch yourself eating a lot more than you usually do under stress. So relax, appreciate the meal and pay attention to what is going down your esophagus.

A Few Drops a Day Keeps the Belly Away…


Along with its numerous benefits, apple cider vinegar also serves as a health tonic. Its fat burning, sugar lowering and metabolism increasing properties can all serve you good.

Chew Gum!


Chewing gum is said to reduce your appetite thus keeping your diet under control. The focus of your mind shifts to the gum being chewed, thus distracting it from the need for excessive snacking.

Goodbye Rum!


Not that it’ll help you lose belly fat but let us all lazily appreciate my attempt at rhyming the title with the previous one. When it comes to belly fat, alcohol is the biggest culprit. We have all heard of what “beer bellies” are. Reducing the intake of alcohol will cut down that belly fat to a large extent. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

One in a Melon…


Start having watermelons for dessert as the studies show that the amino acid arginine present in it abundantly, contributes significantly to weight loss.

Choose Water…


Soda and other carbonated drinks contain gases that can cause your belly to bloat up. So, the next time you feel thirsty, head for the water refiner instead.

Switch to a Keto Diet…


What’s better than eating fat to lose fat? A ketogenic diet is one that involves taking lower amounts of carbohydrates, thus forcing the body to rely on burning fat for energy production and so helping you lose out on all that excess weight.

Answer The Yawn!


This is my personal favorite and the title speaks for itself. Lesser hours of sleep lead to high levels of stress which further leads to overeating as mentioned earlier. What could be easier for us lazy people than just having to lie down to lose out on all that fat?

We do have one last option and it is the most convenient one: pray. You know what they say when all hope is lost and when you’re too lazy to move a muscle, turn to prayer. Your brain leveled up from being lazy and made it to the end of this article. So, use these secret methods and let your body do the same. Get your summer body with lesser efforts and faster results!

Stay Healthy Stay Lazy!

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